Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eleven Years...Wow

Happy Anniversary Terri and Steve! Eleven years strong! Ahh, wedded bliss with the pitter patter of children's feet. It seems like yesterday it was another hot, hot, hot July and we were listening to God affirm your marriage with a lightning bolt!

Steel is the gift for a couples eleventh anniversary. I actually think this is quite appropriate. It takes a bond forged in steel to weather some of the trials and tribulations of marriage. Eleven years brings much love and happiness, but the time to have weathered a few of life's storms. Perhaps I should clarify...more squalls than storm. Either way, the two of you are forging your love and have eleven years to show for it. Eleven years and two beautiful children!

Happy Day...Happy Eleven Years...


*All For The Love Of Sam


Laura Hoffman said...

Happy Anniversary, Terry and Steve!!!! Any advice you have for us newleyweds??! :)

Anonymous said...

Love you both and I know you are enjoying "Happily Ever After!" Ant Lee