Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Thing Two

Happy Birthday from Thing One to Thing Two. This might sound strange to those who aren't siblings, but our Dad dubbed us that from way back to forever! I'm not sure if it was because we always were wanting him to read us the Cat In The Hat stories, or if he really thought we were sooooo mischeivious. Nevertheless, we are now and always have, and will continue to be Thing One and Thing Two. Notice if you please, I AM THING ONE. Not to say, Sally, that diminishes your just still means I  Am The Boss.

Sally has been our creative and adventurous sister. She used to 'run away' periodically when we were growing up. She got as far as the house on the opposite end of our block. Mom had a rule we could not cross the street without an adult. Running away? Yes, just can't go further than the end of the block. Worked for Sally, worked for Mom. I'm not sure how thrilled the people at the end of the block were, but since Sally would just sit in the bushes under a window and play with her imaginary friends I think it was all good! This isn't Sally running away in the picture below...but you can see a glimmer of the idea...I mean with Gramma Bet as your mentor...the world was her oyster!
When Sally got old enough she 'ran away' to camp. While I was spending summer vacation at the beach...Sally spent 'The Summer" at away camp in Georgia mountains. It would become a lifelong love for her. She eventually became a head counselor and then an Assistant Director. Sally excels in working with people. She is a real people person and helps bring out even the shyest of people.

For a while she graced us with living in New Orleans after college. Was a good move, because that was when she met her future husband. Uncle Fred keeps her in the groove and happy. Sally and Fred, remember, this is the creative married on a riverboat. It was New Orleans after all, and we had a blast. What more could you want than to cruise up and down the Mississippi dancing the night away!?!
Dad looked pretty dapper himself posing at home for pictures before he walked his daughter down the aisle on the riverboat, don't you agree? I still see him looking at Sally and thinking..."Yep, she's Thing Two!"
Sally and Fred spent much of their married life living in her beloved Georgia. Now they have moved back to our hometown. Funny how life goes in circles sometimes! But wherever life takes my sister, she always makes it fun!

Love you Thing Two...Happy Happy Birthday~

*All For The Love Of Sam


Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture of Sally and Bet, and LOVE Sally!!! xoxo Lee "you're not the boss of me"

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday magic for you Sally! Loved the post - creative and bossy thing one xoxo Patsy

Sush said...

LOL @two of my fav anon' you miss you!

Anonymous said...

T-1, I couldn't love you more! You have such a gift for writing and I love reading each and every story you write about our extended family! That being said, "You ARE NOT the BOSS of ME!" and I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you! Stars in the sky forever!!!