Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lovely Lisa Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday, Lisa! Wow, can you remember what life was like a year ago? It was very busy, perhaps a tad uncomfortable?
We were all so excited and curious as to exactly 'who' we were going to meet in a few short weeks!
  It was so much  fun showering you and your little one to came from near and far to help celebrate the pending Bundle of Joy!

 Before we would find out, who, when, and where... you were a good sport and loving sister- in-law, attending parties and out of town weddings for your new sisters to be! 

With a smile on your face, you participated in all the family festivities, and I think sometimes it might have been a challenge. One thing I know for sure, Lisa, you 'show up' and make your loving presence felt. Even when it may be at a cost to you...not that anyone would know.

And then the momentous day arrived! We met your daughter...our granddaughter....Lily! What can I ever say, a million thank you's would never be enough!
Lisa, I know I have told you before, but probably will repeat it many, many times-you created such a lovely, serene and happy nursery for Lily. It's one special room!

You are such a loving Mom. I love to watch you with Lily! You both have mega watt smiles for each other. I listen to you 'chat' with your daughter...she is learning so many things from you.

 Lily can be sad or tired, but when you appear, her world is whole again. You give her all that she needs to bloom.

If Lily is at all little touch from you and she is fine! Just that light stroke of your fingertips...the reassuring hand. I love to watch her settle, as if by magic!

I don't know about you but it's been a rapid fire year. Our world is sweet. My son has a thoughtful, loving wife and a new daughter! It seems like yesterday we were looking forward to the year you two would be married. It was Christmas and your wedding was just around the corner!
Life can go by in warp speed! One day you are a bride to be...the next you are a Mother and attending weddings for your new siblings. Bebe, in tow!

So, your life goes from footloose, fancy-free and attending football games with the family~

To a fork in the with fun and love and more happiness yet to unfold! Your last year has given you a daughter, what once was now three!

Isn't it strange but wonderful how much can change in a year? 

And isn't it all so grand! Happy Birthday Lisa! It's been quite a year for a very special 'daughter'. 


lisa said...

I was just saying to my parents last night that I didn't really feel *older* but I certainly feel as though I have entered a new stage of life. What a difference a year can make :)

Thank you for the kind, sweet, loving post today on my birthday!

Sush said...

Lisa, you are so very welcome, it was all my pleasure and again Happy Birthday!