Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Sister, My Friend and her Birthday/Anniversary Or: Ode to Lee and Jack!!!

Today is my sister Lee's Birthday! Today is my sister Lee and her husband Jack's Anniversary! Two big celebrations in one day for two very special people so very dear to me.
I might as well get it out there for everyone to know...Lee is the firstborn in our family. She was the apple of our parents eye and our grandparents. She hung the moon and we all knew it. 
It's funny, but I don't recall ever being jealous of that fact. It is just the way it always was, is and always will be. I 'll now also put it out there...I do believe many already know this but I have always had a serious case of "hero worship" for my big Sis! I mean, honestly, when you grow up with a sister that was chosen as 'Ideal Girl' for her Junior High School, you pretty much have a delightful role model and footsteps to follow!
Lee, has always been the care giver and sibling in the family for all of us to turn to when things get tough. I remember when I was sick with pneumonia when I was about thirteen, she practically nursed me back to health all on her own. And when I was a newly married wife living in Baton Rouge in Married Student's Housing and came down with Mononucleosis she was the one who tracked down Mom and Dad when they were on vacation. I thought at the time I was dying before my headaches that were splitting my head apart were attributed to mono! Lee calmed me down and soothed me until I could get 'home' to Mom and Dad. All this while she was living in not only another city but another state.

If you look closely at this picture you will see my adoration for my 'big' sis when I was probably all of ten or twelve. I mean she could carve a frickin' turkey at what, thirteen? I remember when we were both married and I was visiting with her with Elise we drove from her state she lives in to LA to visit another sister, Patsy. Along the way we stopped for gas. She turned to me and I thought I heard her ask, "Do you puff, gas?" Well, really she had asked me if I pumped gas! I was so in awe of her even then I was sure she didn't do anything as crude as fart...she was asking me instead if I puffed gas! Once we finally got it all straight it was a very funny story...but I personally think she really doesn't fart...she puffs!
Lee is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside and it shows in all she does for  all of her family! Here's another shot of my beautiful Sis holding onto 'Baby Aimee' in the traditional Christmas stairstep pose...
Notice in this photo...Lee looks like a movie star! She has this radiance about her that you can see from across a room. Or maybe from across an ocean:

And then she did us all the wonderful favor of marrying a wonderful and handsome and loving man...big brother to us all...Jack!  Uncle Jack who is adored by his nephews and nieces  with a serious case of's just hard not to admit it...Hero worship. Uncle Jack plays golf like a real Golf Pro! He knows people that own teams that win Superbowls and wears the 'borrowed' Superbowl rings to prove it! If my computer hadn't crashed I would be able to post those pictures...! But  look at this family group shot and see how handsome this fella is and how much we all love him....Jack is the handsome and most southernly gentleman on the right of this photo below:
I do believe that Jack could charm anyone in the world. He missed his calling. Jack would have not only been a wonderful movie star, but he could have been a fantastic Diplomat for our country!

So to my sister on her birthday and my 'big brother' on their Anniversary...I send you my love and wishes for a wonderful day of happy celebrations and a day filled with love and joy! You are always there for all of us...I just hope you know how much we all love you both and appreciate all you do. Yesterday, today and a lifetime of tomorrows! I love you both so very very much!


Anonymous said...

If I'd known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself :) Aw shucks about me... HIGH FIVE about Jack! IDEAL HUSBAND! Loves, Loves, Loves from your Bossy Big Sister and thank you for the walk down memory lane!

Sush said...

@Lee...Love you Mean It!