Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunshine For The Soul

Golden Holden Beach
I always find myself so very content and relaxed while at the beach. My earliest memories of vacations are from the beach. Growing up we went to Dune Allen Beach in Florida. Happy memories I've shared before...! 
Since we moved to North Carolina we have been spending most of our summer vacations at Holden Beach. In fact, when I haven't been to the beach at least once a year, my soul is not quite as sunny. Really. Ask my husband, he will agree. Really, really, really - agree. A soul without sunshine and salty scented air does not make  a pleasant wife. Again, ask my husband who will again, really, really, really - agree.
Once again we gathered all of our children and grandchildren for a sun filled, fun filled, soul filling vacation at Holden Beach. If you look closely, you will notice we are missing our grandson Peter in this 'Family Picture'. Picture date and time were announced the day before. Unfortunately at the tender age of two, after a day at the beach, and a traumatic splinter removal, every appointment can't be kept. Peter had a previous appointment, one we didn't have the heart to take him away from:
But we do have pictures of everyone enjoying themselves throughout the week. Scott and Erin started out early for the beach. They managed to get in an early lunch in Wilmington at one of my favorite restaurants on the Cape Fear River, The Pilot House.
Did you see the shirt Erin gave Scott...Mr Fixit!

Did I mention we were there for the Fourth of July? Check out these Stars and Stripes!

While on the beach one day...we spotted a very busy sand crab.

That busy little crab would scoot down in her hole and a minute or two later come scurrying up with an armful of sand tucked up between her legs and her body. She would do her little crab dance bup bup...tip toe - tip toe and then with a quick movement, fling the sand away from her hole! She was quite the industrious little crab! And by the way...Pop says I don't know for sure it was a she...but I SAW her bottom. She was a She, says I.

A new wrinkle was added to our sojourn to the beach this year. A house with a POOL! Yep, we all had fun floating, splashing and soaking up the rays at the pool when the beach just got Too Hot!
Lisa,Tim - Sush, Pop
Terri and her Little Men
Saints Back Up Quarter Back

Aunt Elise and Lily Bug
Am I precious or What?

That's our Laura behind those Foster Grants!

They're forever blowing bubbles....
Lisa enjoying a dip in the pool sans Lily
Sush and her Beach Bunny

Oh and yes...most of the pool pictures were taken with Steve's new camera from LAST Father's you can use...

Ahh, yes we did love the pool, but the first and foremost reason for going to the beach is well  after all...the beach!
 And it doesn't matter if we play at the beach all day...
My Adorable Grandsons!

WHY can't I eat the sand?

or if we play all night:
We never ever want to leave...right, Trey?
We did have fun at the Beach House, lots of porches where cousins could play. The bedrooms were on the level of the first floor porches...playtime and rockers were way high up on the top level porch. The lower level was the quiet zone. Mostly. Sometimes...if we could help it.

The tippy top porch was a favorite spot to run around and around and around...
The Polar Express!
And around...
Room to cuddle...
A daylight pose of sweet sisters...
Get haircuts from the Best Barber on the East Coast!
And yes, Trey did go first. It is the job of the big brother...

And sometimes the porches were a great place for a quiet spot to read...

Inside we had lots of snuggle time and lounging time!

Vacations are great for trying out some moustaches...but not on a permanent basis, please?
Lily, checking out the fuzz on her Dad and Uncle
And we had the opportunity to get beach pictures of all the married couples...
Sadly, Laura and Daniel weren't able to spend the entire week with us...and had to head back to the work zone on Wednesday. Grrrr!

Everyone did take turns in the kitchen...we had mouth watering,  meals!

And on our last night at the beach we love to go out for a wonderful seafood dinner. 

Some of us were busy coloring:
Some of us were exhausted from a whirlwind, sun-filled day:
We had time for one last hug between two 'sisters':
We tried very, very, very hard to get a cousins photo with Peter awake and smiling. It's hard to be cheerful when you just wake up! We'll keep trying...

But Lily and Trey were up for the task! And Lily was modeling a playsuit worn first by her Mother...we LOVE heirlooms!
I am not sure who looks the sleepiest in this photo, but I do know Daddy had to drive home after dinner. Trey had a T-ball game first thing in the AM, with the very important Team Picture that wouldn't be the same without him in it!

And if you look very closely at this photo, you might be able to see something new about Lily that she accomplished while at the beach...
Lily's first tooth...lower left looking at this picture!

After we left the restaurant, Steve, Terri and the boys headed for home. We then put Lily in the car with her Dad, Pop and Uncle Scott. The remaining females piled into Sush's new hotrod. It was now time for the remaining females in the group to head up the strip for some much deserved and put off for way to!
 *We found a new artist's shop.  Lisa became the proud owner of an original... Erin and Elise selected gorgeous prints. I will be returning for a print from the artist's Nautilus series. She captured canvas sails from a sunken sailboat and used the sails to paint a series of paintings. I'm hoping to get a copy of the print, "Sailor's Delight" from that series. A fine tribute to my Dad, I'm thinking!  Another really pretty one she had is titled diving into daisies...what a glorious thought! Some of us bought prints, some of us purchased pottery. After some 'quality' time spent at the Artist's shop, we headed to another fav store for High Quality knick knacks and/or this year's edition of Turtle Watch t-shirts. 

In conclusion...we had another wonderful summer vacation at Holden Beach. In lieu of the disaster that has befallen our beloved Gulf Coast, I extend an open invitation to all our family scattered across, Louisiana/Mississippi/Arkansas/Texas/Wisconsin/Minnesota and wherever else life takes you to give our East Coast bit of Heaven and Paradise a try.
You really will love it!

A very heartfelt....sigh~goodbye~hope to see you soon~


Jen Foster said...

LOVE the first pic at the top!! I love to see rays of sunshine streaking through the clouds. Could you send me that picture?

Sush said...

@Jen: Feel free to grab it from the posting. If that doesn't work let me know! ;-)