Thursday, August 12, 2010

Celebrate The Back...Oh, And An Anniversary Too

This thing of having back surgeries on and around 'special occasions' in our family needs to stop. Now
Today is my sister Sally and her husband Fred's wedding anniversary.
 It is also three days after major back surgery
Thankfully, our sister Aimee has surfaced to come and help supervise her recovery...
And our very talented and loving niece Elisabeth is there to cook delicious meals and offer her care and support...that's Elisabeth, the beauty in the middle! I love her so...
It seems that not only do degenerative discs run in this family but the repairing of them surgically takes place on special occasions. I had the thrill of back surgery right after my birthday for my first back surgery. Sally gets to have hers around her wedding anniversary. Not good. 

What is good, is she seems to be recovering very well and had a successful operation! Amen brother Ben. Also, kudos and huge appreciation and thanks to my Brother-In-Law, Gene, for referring a top notch neurosurgeon for Sally.

So love and marriage are to be celebrated for my sweet Thing Two, along with a 'born again' back.

I posted a picture of Fred and Sally on their wedding day in the previous post, so I have found this 'family photo' from the past...a Christmas 'blast from the past', where they are at least able to stand and celebrate something. In the back row, Fred is the handsome bearded 'fella' next to Sally, who is in the green shirt with her arm around our Gramma Bet!
That was then, this is now...unfortunately no wild celebration going on for the time being. Rest and recuperation are the activities currently allowed.
Take care little sis, there will be plenty of time to kick up your heels and sing about the 'Chapel of Love' in a few months time. I am sure it was 'Chapel of Love' we were singing...couldn't have been anything like...Koom-byah?
 Think you can find the ole ukelele?
In the meantime...

Happy Anniversary to you and Fred and lots of love and best wishes and celebrations for your just like yesteryear new/old back.

*All For The Love Of Sam


Anonymous said...

Always love an extra chance to tell you thank you and love the sentiment in all your posts!
This time the surgery seems to be a "good" anniversary present, thank goodness! She has RELIEF! Thank you too to Dr. Gene and to this great doctor! "Everyone be careful out there..." x0x0 Lee

Sush said...

I love me some good Family!

Anonymous said...

Dear Thing Oney ~ what can I say, but loves, loves, loves to youey ~ xoxoxo from Twoey!

Sush said...

LOL@Thing are so cutey...xoxox