Monday, August 16, 2010

Missing You...

Today is my Aunt Lee's birthday. Not my sister Lee, my Aunt. I wish she were still here on this earth so I could just pick up the phone and tell her again, Happy Birthday and I love you so very very much. I would then hear her say in her soft, warm voice, "Hi Lovey, how are you darling?" 
Sadly, that is not the way of it. In the photograph above, my Aunt is the lovely lady on the left, holding hands with her sister, my Mother. 

Below is a picture of her on her wedding day with her Dad, my Grandfather Mac and on the right, my Mom. Beautiful, weren't they?
My Aunt was known by her family and friends in her latter years as 'Charlie'. I never got used to calling her that. I only thought of her as, 'Aunt Lee'. Whatever name she went by, she was the most loving and dear person you would ever meet. Aunt Lee loved the written word. She was a published poet. For my wedding present she wrote a poem for my husband and I. My next Anniversary I'll post it!  I used to send her some of my poetry and writings for her editing and approval. She would give me great feedback and of course made me eager to write more!

Aunt Lee was a spiritual adventurer. She, as my Mom, and I and my siblings, were raised as Christian Scientists. And as many raised in that faith, she ventured off in her search for something...more. I loved discussing things metaphysical with her...she had explored so many different venues of spirituality. I remember a college roommate after meeting her saying, "Oh Susie, your Aunt is a hippie, how cool!" And she was Cool, with a capital C!

But the thing that says 'Aunt Lee' to me is her sense of fun and her constant love of family and friends.
She could get a belly laugh and chortle going that was so delightful it would spread to others like wildfire.
 She loved her children, her siblings, her nieces and nephews and grandkids and grand nephews and grand nieces with all of her being. She was the best.

I love you, I miss you...see you on the other side...


*All For The Love Of Sam


Anonymous said...

Big tears rolling down my cheeks.. how blessed are we that we were loved by her?!!! Miss her every day! Thank you for honoring her birthday for us all. Loves, loves, loves.... T-2

Anonymous said...

Loves Loves Loves
Niece Lee