Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Born's First Born

Happy Birthday Mr First Grader! I love you so so much. I am amazed at all you have learned in your now, SIX years of living on the planet, Earth!   We now have to use two hands to count your birthdays! But most of all I am so filled with love for you and thrilled you are my grandson!
I remember when you were born, Pop and I were so thrilled to meet you! Our first grandchild...our first grandson and it was all YOU...TREY! 
And we set up the crib your Daddy and all his brothers and sister slept in as a baby. So when you came to visit you had a safe place to sleep. And there you were, sleeping in the same crib! Awwwww........
Mom and Dad were so thrilled when you were born! Their first child, how wonderful!

And your first Christmas was so much fun for everyone!
Trey, you are so generous of heart. I love how you take care of Peter. You are a wonderful big brother. You even sit through hours on end of Lightning McQueen. Even if it is the nine hundred and ninety ninth time your brother requests another viewing! Watching you and your brother grow up together having each other as friends is fun for me to see!
I was listening to messages I have saved on my telephone and one of them was from when you are about two or three and you were telling me that Pablo was taking a bath. It was so startling to realize how much you have grown up. You don't have a baby voice any sound very grown up now when you speak. I mean it Trey, I am going to put books on your head to slow down how fast you are growing. I don't know how to slow down how quickly you are maturing into a grown up boy. I really wouldn't want to. As you grow older I enjoy seeing a glimpse of the man you are going to become. I know you will be kind and generous as a man, just like you are kind and generous now. 
But I do know was just yesterday, I know it was, when we were saying, "Trey, tubas up?" and you'd go like this:
We've had fun over the years....summers at Holden Beach:

We even had a house at the beach with a pool this year...pretty good since you are now such a fish!

We've had fun days at the Park riding the train and carousel with Aunt Elise and Peter. I hope they get that renovated really soon, don't you?
I know Aunt Elise thinks it was just yesterday she was holding you like this...
And you had fun with all your sports, like T-ball and soccer and you don't even need the training wheels on your two wheeler anymore!
You have been the ring bearer in two Weddings:

And I have seen you graduate from Pre-school:
I've seen you perform in a wonderful were so much fun to watch, a wonderful red snake!
And now you have graduated from Kindergarten....
And you are having a wonderful start to first grade! Wow, what fun happiness and joy it has been to have you for my grandson these last six years! I can't wait to see what fun we are going to have this year!

Just always remember you come from a family that knows...'You Are The Best of The Best'!

Happy Birthday Trey...I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!

*All For The Love Of Sam

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Thanks you for sending me this blog! I love you too!