Friday, August 27, 2010

One Year or Three hundred and sixty five days of Happiness and Joy

Oh my, oh My! Has it really been one entire year since the birth of our granddaughter? In so many respects it seems like it was yesterday. I remember it all so clearly.  And then, I can't remember life without our Lily! I think of her and the song, 'Just To See You Smile', comes to mind. One glimpse of that gorgeous smile and, Yep, makes my day!
It's been such fun getting to know Lily. When she was first born and the first new months of her being with us, I kept wondering who and what she was going to 'Be'? Well, she is just the cutest, sweetest and most delightful little girl. That's who and what.
Lily is so her own little self. She definitely knows what she likes and doesn't like and has no problem letting anyone know. If it is a food she is not wild about her lips get tightly pressed and clamped together and nary a morsel will pass. If she is experiencing something that tickles her fancy, she can get a belly laugh going that could get an entire room smiling and laughing. 
And oh, is this a girl whose heart belongs to Daddy! Lily will be all fine and content playing and snuggling with almost anyone, and Daddy enters the room and, Bam! Nothing and I mean  NOTHING will have it but she has to be in his arms. And the girl can flirt. Oh she smiles and giggles just for her Dad.
Now, don't get me wrong. Lily is certainly her Mother's daughter. As I've mentioned before, just a light touch from Lisa, and Lily feels all is right with her world.  Lisa, is Lily's touchstone. Her 'safe' place. She loves to play and interact with Lisa, and is constantly following her Mom with her eyes if she is not being held by her.
Our girl loves her music. When she comes to our house she loves to get up on the piano bench and bang, err, I mean play away! So, hmm...wonder what we might get our Lily for her first birthday. If only I could find a toddler friendly candelabra to accompany her gift!
Now Lily was born August 27, and her oldest cousin, Trey was born on August 28. Trey, having impeccable manners and a generous heart, is ceding his real birthday so Lily can have her first birthday party on Saturday.  Psst, Trey, thanks for letting me have my party on your birthday...! I love you, and you are the BEST!
It's great having an older cousin to share special times with and will look out for you, right Lily?
I am so looking forward to Lily's first birthday. I can't wait to see how she approaches her cake. Will she clap her hands after everyone sings 'Happy Birthday'? That is one of her very favorite things to do. Clap her hands in celebration and appreciation. She gets this big smile and just presses her tiny hands together, clapping and clapping. Too cute!
Happy First Birthday, my love! Can't wait to give you a hug and a kiss and enjoy your very first BIRTHDAY!! And I can't wait for another three hundred and sixty five days of happiness and joy to begin!

*All For The Love Of Sam

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lisa said...

You somehow managed to put Lily into words. She is a sweetheart and I am one lucky mama. Thanks for all your help, love, and support to get us to this milestone!