Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Woman Trumps Men...Again

Okay just a quick hah hah. Was watching TV and saw a Diet Mountain Dew Commercial:

Two guys in an office talking about how great the diet Dew is and start showing off Eagle tats, it has so inspired them. One tat bigger than the other.
Woman walks up to the glass wall on the other side of the office in which the guys are staking bragging rights. Opens up her mouth and lets out with a lusty Eagle cry that shatters the glass, wind whipping the guys shirts, hair etc around. One more small 'Caw' and she shatter the bud vase on the table. Stares,nods and walks away.
Fade away with voice over...'The taste of Mountain Dew is a powerful thing. Diet tastes better on the Mountain.'

I myself am not a Mountain Do drinker, but hey...Do the Dew!

Just cracked me up. Hope you enjoyed...!
PS Prb better as a visual so be on the lookout!
PPS Okay, thanks to Daniel son here is the commercial on you tube, Enjoy! And merci buckets Dan!

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