Thursday, September 30, 2010

Before September Leafs...

OK, I couldn't pass on the play on words, but this is a posting for a birthday I had on my calendar. Sadly, I flipped to October too early...

Eric: escaped to Wisconsin-warrant out for his return to any Southern state!
I miss you and your happy smile!
You and Steve, Jr started your Mom and I on the road of raising our wonderful families.
I have so many happy memories of you as a toddler, whether you were living in New Orleans or when you and your parents moved to Illinois. You were such a happy baby, no wonder you have grown up to be a happy and wonderful man.

I remember all the swim races you would want to have with your cousins. How appropriate you went on to college with a swimming scholarship. You and Tim remind me of each other in some ways. The biggest one is you both had two speeds when you were young. On, full throttle or off, sleeping. 

We had fun at your grandparents anniversary celebration in Florida. Sandy toes for everyone...
Was it this meal you got your inspiration for restaurant managing? Hah, didn't think so!
I know when this picture was taken you were well entrenched in the restaurant management business. 
I did miss seeing you the last time I got together with all your family, but I was so happy to see Leah and your gang! What a beautiful family you have. And now you are venturing out of the restaurant realm I hear you are getting to spend some 'normal' hours with them! Maybe you will get a chance to bring this krewe to North Cackalacky for a visit!

Happy Birthday Eric, I love you and miss you and hope to see you sometime soon! Give those wonderful children a hug and a kiss for me...just don't pinch their cheeks. I always hated it when grown ups did that to me....

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing kid! What an amazing man! Will remember so many neat things about Eric as a person - and so many times you showed up in clutch circumstances to make a difference. Like being at the hospital so many times when just the sight of you made Mom or Dad so happy. Like in Katrina just jumping in your car and forging you way through two states of disaster to drive from Baton Rouge to Hattiesburg to make sure your family was ok and let us all know! Like YIPPEE what a happy wife and 3 perfect little McBride's. Like being a great "oldest" and "big brother" ... Well can you tell how much you are loved and appreciated? Hugs, Ant Lee