Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday Wishes

I wish I could see my Mom again, tell her one more time how important and wonderful she was to me. Have her run her fingers through my hair and rub my back. Just hear her say one more time, "Oh huggable lovable..."! 
And if that wish came true, it would be when she was vibrant, healthy and happy. My husband says she had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in her world. And she could and most of the time did.
 She was human, of course. Their were times when you knew if you were in her good graces that the flip side was inevitable. You were not going to be her star forever. It could be shaky ground  and very often I was glad when I was just another one of her children...not the star. But star or no star, I always knew she loved me...she loved all of us. 

I remember her telling us sometimes...'You children have no idea what kind of life I live'.  We used to chuckle with one another about that comment.Yet, now that I'm on the flip side of Motherhood, I can see we may not have. She raised six children and stayed on call for 'social duty' for our Dad. Daddy often entertained business clients in our home. After a phone call from Dad that a client was coming for dinner, Mom would have the menu changed, and Marion our family cook had a veritable feast ready when they walked in the door.
I know she was often lonely and frightened on the nights my Dad was out of town. Daddy would travel, often two weeks at a time on business. These were the days before home security systems. I remember several nights walking behind her while she carried a baseball bat down the stairs and into the kitchen because she had 'heard a noise'! I'm sure it was scary being alone and in charge in that house full of children. That we had a black standard poodle, Cherie wasn't just so we were a well rounded family. Cherie helped Mom feel safe...
The mother love in her was truly something to behold when she was in her protective mode. The lioness protecting her young...nothing on my Mom! You had just better get out of  that Grosse Pointe lady's way or be ready to be steamrolled if you didn't. I still have the thought run around and around in my head when I am feeling ill or just in the dumps...'I want my Momma'. I know intellectually that it 'ain't gonna happen', but my heart keeps up the mantra.
My Mom was FUN!!! She could create magic in a day without spending a dime. Stories were read, tales were told, cards were played. We would dance and sing in the living room to almost any music in any form of our day...and hers! The woman loved to dance...

 We grew up with Sing-along-With-Mitch. Well, I am having a chuckle here...the older half of the siblings grew up with Mitch Miller. I am thinking that Aimee and Bill, not so much. Sally....maybe??? But we all got playing time with card games and board games and she even jumped right into video games when they came along. She could get wrapped up in them so much we would have to compete for our video time. But then, the games would be over and she was back wanting to know every little thing that was going on in your world. As long as she had her coffee!
Today is my Mother's birthday and it will all day be one of remembrance and celebration. Selfishly, sadness because I miss her. I will always miss my parents, always. But today because it is Mom's birthday, it is a day of gratitude tinged with sorrow. I wish you love, joy, happiness and health today, Mom...that's my birthday wish for you. 

My wish is one more day...

Happy Birthday Momma...I'll Love You Forever...


Anonymous said...

Yes crying again but love the sentiments you express for all of us here each time. Also love to remember Sept. 15, and Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom - know you are having fun! xoxo Lee

Anonymous said...

I wish we could see Mom again too, but I just would NOT BE ABLE TO LET HER GO! Lee PS - the word verification popped up "hugga" sort of appropriate isn't it!

September 30, 2010 4:46 PM