Friday, September 24, 2010

Built Ins

Remember the disaster from the rain catastrophe? The home flooding as a result of a late season tropical system that dumped tons of raindrops on my house and then IN my house? Well, we are nearing completion of repairs and remodeling as a result of said disaster.

In the family room downstairs where the great deluge was first noticed, we now have a new fireplace surround and built in bookcases. New carpeting will not be installed until all carpentry, painting, sheet rocking, ceiling repairs...well you get the idea, are completed. Here are some pictures of the work in progress. I was going to take a picture of the finished  built-ins and fireplace surround, but before that was done Elise moved her furniture out of her apartment in G-boro and a great deal of it ended up in my family room, guest rooms and living room and dining room. As we have had her four brothers move back in and use the house as temporary headquarters until they build up finances to move out again, I can't complain. Much. But it did put a crimp in finished photos, as her lovely sofa is blocking the view of the left side of the bookcase. So until I either get over the fact I can't get the full view of the finished product or move her sofa or something else solves the dilemma, you get pictures of the unfinished product.

Oh and I have to give a huge thank you to our good friend and  Master Carpenter, Jim Johnson. He was only given pictures of various built-ins and fireplace surrounds I had found on the internet for my 'plan'. With such little help from me he managed to make my dream come true. Some days he would call me in before he nailed things into a permanent position and we would play with the design until we both felt it was perfect...and had lots of fun in the process. Well I did, I hope Jimmy did too!

Oh and the electrical outlets were installed by my wonderfully talented and oh so handsome handyman husband. Along with added insulation and rehanging and finishing and painting of sheetrock on walls and ceiling. The overhead and in cabinet lighting was also installed by Mr Wonderful, and with some help by his electrician in training, Scott.
Daniel came down for a weekend to help with demolition of remaining yuck and Elise used her experience from her construction on My Sister's House to help Steve install sheetrock that just didn't want to go in right. I picked out paint colors and new designs for the carpentry. Bad Back-Bad is just so frustrating to live with. 
So peruse to your hearts content. Enjoy!

 The work above was done by Steve, ummm some of the demo was done by Service Masters immediately after the damage, but Steve extended the demolition to insure we had all the 'bad' stuff out and did reblocking of the wood. I'm sure he could tell you in depth what he did and use manly carpenter terms. I just know he worked into the wee hours of the night way too many nights.

Now for Mr Jimmy's beautimous work! Notice the drawers inside the cabinet below. Jimmy put those in for dvd's etc. How clever and practical!

I'm thinking of changing the top shelf at least to a glass shelf so the light can wash further down the wall...what do you think?

See the drop down doors over the cabinets? That allows us to put the cable box, dvd player, etc in a 'hidy hole' and just have the drop down door open instead of a cabinet door. And yes I know you can get some kind of electronic eye, but this works very well and is oh so handy!

Now, some of the woodwork Jimmy pre-primed. In places that were going to be tight and hard to reach, he did the advance work. The wood that looks golden is raw, unpainted wood. We have since gone back and painted all the wood. When my drawer handles and knobs came in, the ever faithful and talented Jim returned for the installation. Bless you, Jim!
I have posted some photos with the new lighting on over the fireplace and some with it off. Notice, Steve very thoughtfully placed the lighting on separate switches so we can have it all on or just partially lit.

I got all heady with the built ins installed and the ceiling closed up and new electrical lighting and fixtures. Then I turned around and took a look at the other end of the family room. 
You can't see the hole in the ceiling over the wet bar in this picture, however you might notice Elise's sofa behind the recliners. The ceiling over the wet bar had a leak. That part of the ceiling was needing special treatment from my handyman. He removed the area where the leak was in the ceiling, called in our expert used to be in residence plumber, Timmy. Tim sells this fantastic plumbing stuff that works in residential applications but is huge in commercial applications. It is a cold press fitting, so you don't need a blow torch to weld copper pipes. I don't know how do it know, but Tim did his magic and the pipe is repaired. And he did it in less than a half hour. Steve has since been diligently replacing the sheet rock in the ceiling and doing the finishing work so he can do another repainting of the family room ceiling. 

When Scott was last in he and Steve added an electrical outlet in the hallway by the downstairs bedroom. I can now plug the lamp in right there instead of running an extension cord around the corner. Of course as in all things home improvement....when they opened the wall for the new outlet, they discovered a leak from the shower on the other side of the wall. Ahh, the dance continues...two steps forward, one step back! But my manly men will have it corrected one of these days. I love my guys! All so talented each in their own way. They get it from their Pappa!

I'll do another posting later when we get the room clear. At least clear of construction materials that are now on the hearth. I'd like to show off the finished product and the new tv!

Now about that master bedroom....
Oh closed that's the paint we are waiting for! Ahh, the joys of home ownership!

*All For The Love Of Sam

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Ohh I want to be there!!! What a talented family - and it's beautiful everyone! Hugs - Ant Lee