Friday, September 3, 2010

Party Hearty

Saturday before her party Lily and Tim stopped in for a short visit. She got some practice in before her birthday party. Sush's piano is an inspiration for all kinds of things...even what to get Lily for her birthday!
I am working on the entire Madame Alexander Fairy Tale collection from McDonald's for Lily. She was attracted right away to the Mad Hatter and Alice In Wonderland.
I wonder if her head comes off as easily as Barbie's?
Hey, what's a girl got to do to get fed around this joint?
I thought I would share some pictures from the 'Birthday' weekend. Saturday was Lily's party at her home. Lisa, Lily's Mom being the loving Aunt and just all around thoughtful woman she is even baked a cake for Trey so he could have his own cake while at Lil's party. Nice and gracious touch.
Lily had a 'bird' cake for her birthday, created again by the talented Lisa...
I would say Trey thought his cake was pretty tasty besides being super cool with those tall candles!
The birthday girl was very happy with her birthday celebration. Happy Birthday was sung. Trey knows how to blow out his candles with no prodding...Lily, why she's a first timer! 
I must say Ms Lil has a new way to accompany her birthday song. Lily does this little alternating shoulder shrug as her way of dancing. Picture Beyonce Knowles' dancing in "All The Single Ladies" video, but with Lily instead of Beyonce. Too precious, and well, she is our own little Diva! While Happy Birthday was sung to Lily and Trey she was doing the alternating shrugging of her shoulders , oh oh oh oh oh! Okay Lily and Trey make a wish!
Lily, what do you think of birthday about some icing to get you started?
Okay, let's think about this...
She likes it, she really likes it!
Ohhhh Baby....Ohhhh Yeah! Now That's what I'm talking about!
While the cake was a much anticipated part of Lily's party, Lisa had a wonderful meal for all of us...Trey, like the rest of us, really enjoyed the mac and cheese, fried chicken, hush puppies and fruit salad.
There was lemonade or sweet tea for beverages...Terri and Trey found theirs!
Aunt Elise enjoyed some sweet tea, and perhaps that is her Mother's lemonade in the other hand? Perhaps it was Pete's? I don't know...but it was all really delicious!
Trey was a lemonade man, I believe...
OH...someone lost his first tooth. Why do you have to grow up so quickly, Trey?
And now Miss Lily, is it time for....Hands UP...! I am thinking this picture was taken before she was given her slice of cake?
She'll do just about anything you request with a smile, but don't tell her that her cake's all gone...
But if you do, you had better have something to distract presents?
Didn't I say someone was getting a piano for her birthday...
Never did find that candelabra...but Lily even sings along to her own compositions!
And what little girl is not in heaven over her very own doll baby?
It was nice to see Aunt Erin and Lily get some more snuggling time.
And the older girls had time to chat while toys were being examined...
What's that song...'When tough little boys grow up to be dads they turn into babies again'? I can say when this tough little boy was growing up I never pictured him to be as excited as he was seeing the cool 'PINK' warm up suit for Lily! 
All together now...Awwwwww!

And Trey had some presents he opened at Lily's his Dad said he never thought he would hear these two words together in one sentence...Battling Hamsters. If you don't know what that refers to just google Khung Zhu. 
Trey is in the background in the photo below holding the Khung Zhu I gave him right when I got to the party...
But on Sunday it was an all out Khung Zhu fest! I gave him the Ninja Snake Pit along with a Ninja warrior Zhu Zhu and the accompanying Battle Armor.
He was thrilled when other relatives ventured out of the Khung Zhu realm...
And a new cool soccer ball was equally exciting!
We all had wonderfully delicious meals and Trey got to order his own slice of cake from about ten selections of cake offered at one of his favorite restaurants. Sadly, we had to call it an end to the weekend of parties as Uncle Scott and Aunt Erin and Brin had to get on the road so they could end up back in their own beautiful, did I say I took photos of them when I was visiting, home???....
And I'll bet they ate leftovers in this beautiful dining room...
We had some clap your hands and raise your hands and stomp your feet time going on...
And if that was going on,  you must know, that as described so very often in the Society section of many a southern newspaper in regards to all the best parties in town...

'A wonderful time was had by all'!

*All For The Love Of Sam

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me feel like I was RIGHT THERE enjoying the best party and wonderful time had by all... and love noting the football on tv in the background... :) Happy Birthday Kiddos All! Love, Ant Lee