Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Queen for a Day Or Jennifer It's Your Turn for a Birthday Posting

I think it was something in the water for about two years for the C- girls around 1986 and 1987! Aimee started it off with Jennifer...her first born! We were all so thrilled to have more female babies added to the male roster of offspring. I know my parents were!
Jennifer, you were a beautiful baby and you just kept getting more gorgeous each year! And you are as pretty on the inside as on the outside...(another favorite Gramma quote). It was very important in her book to be pretty on the inside, more important, way more important than being pretty on the outside. YOU are both!
You have the ability to jump in and have fun with whatever branch of our family tree is present. And I will forever be so very thankful for all you did for your grandparents while they were living in New Orleans. You were the niece that had a driver's license, so you got a lot of errand running and hand holding chores. And you managed to do it with love and kindness. 

I remember when you announced you were going to Tulane...that still is such a loss. OH What did I say? I mean it really thrilled your Grandfather. He was so proud of you and happy to have another Green Weenie in the family! Oh I mean Green Wave in the family! LOL, I just can't keep the LSU tiger in me out of this part.  Were you just busting a gut to get on with your college years when you graduated from high school?
But I am so proud of all you did at Tulane and the degree you earned. You were so brave to stick it out and make sure you went back post Katrina. I do have black mail pictures of you though...do you remember holding the bumper sticker that says Tulane Happens in front of your Grandmother for me? OH well just in case....here's a little reminder...
I have to admit your birthday snuck up on me and I haven't been able to scan as many photos of you as I would like. I will find some and edit later.(In case you didn't notice, I have been busily scanning pictures...)
 I did find another picture of you and Elise with Gramma, I think she was hoping to lure you into the casinos at an early age!
And of course, who can forget the OH NO pictures? Once again Aunt Lee made pictures to last a lifetime...
Now that you are living in Texas, I don't get to see as much of you as I think I should. I think it must be getting time for a road trip this way? Happy Birthday Jennifer...Love You, Miss You and hope you have a great and joyous birthday!


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Girls Girls Girls - Gotta Love Em! Love, Ant Lee