Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September Ruminations

It' s that time of year that is often a double edged sword for families. The excitement and joy of a new school year, but also the letting go of hands held by Moms and Dads. A tugging of heartstrings. Sometimes those little hands are clutching tightly to their parents hand, sometimes they are trying to wriggle free so the owner of the little hands can be running on their merry way to new and exciting adventures. 

Fast forward, each and every's a group hug by the family as we leave the light of our lives on a campus filled with strangers and pray for their safety, happiness and growth. Deep breath, letting doesn't get easier.

Perhaps it's because we remember both the happy times and the not so happy times of a school year that we as parents have mixed emotions at the start of a new school year. I hope my child has a kind and understanding teacher. I hope my child has a motivating teacher. I hope my child...oh it goes on and on. And then, it becomes I hope my child and my grandchildren have a wonderful year...the circle of life. Funny, how a September morning can become a time for rumination.

Years ago, after I had lost both Grandmothers I wrote a poem. I was attempting to put into words how I was feeling then. Those feelings still ring true.

I hope you enjoy my poem and maybe a stroll down your own memory lane this September...

                 Footsteps of the Heart

As a child I ran with arms outstretched
Eager for praise, love without terms

As an adolescent I ran…in opposite directions
Searching for questions, answers too new for the wise

As a young mother I strolled
Reveling in generations; assuming a lifetime

They’re not here anymore
I musn’t run

My steps are slow
Pausing with memories; cherishing the past

In the tomorrow after death
When our pace begins anew

I will search
I will find them

And oh yes, oh yes
I will be running


*All For The Love Of Sam

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