Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

When you run out of kids at home to dress for Halloween....

So What Are You Supposed to be anyway, Holden?
Yeah, I know this all too you think we get any treats out of this?
Happy Halloween, Y'all!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

And She Had Fun Fun Fun in her new CRV.....

Oh My you remember your first new car? The one YOU bought with YOUR very own hard earned money? Well I'm pretty sure Elise will always remember hers! Looky Looky, how happy and proud!

And it all happened in the hours before her siblings arrived to celebrate her birthday! One phone call the night before from her car salesman letting her know her car had arrived sent her over the moon with excitement. She and her Dad travelled to the dealership the next A.M. After some paper signing...promising of Elise's first born child...viola...KEYS TO THE KINGDOM!  Next course of action?

Welcome to the world of High Finances!

New car owner cruised up our street. Showed off her new wheels to those in residence and then the rest of her family arrived!
ever feel like you take a back seat to the younger set? I mean the reallllly younger set!!!
Elise was all over her nephews and niece...can't say I blame her, just wish I had some more face time myself with those huggables! Someones in the kitchen, ya know???

Peter came dressed for the upcoming holiday!
Lily's in love...
But can you blame her? Trey lets her climb all over him!
Get Hugs
Now that's security...
Lily was really into sharing her love...but Aunt Erin is so snuggle worthy!
Uncle Scott and Aunt Erin arrived with $$ from Monticello...
Presents were opened...

Happy Birthday was sung!

Later grandbabies were bathed...
what are you lookin' at?
And the next day...more  pictures by the car...
and some were able to visit with Lily at her house...
Did you know our Lily is now walking...a lot!

If you're lucky...she's heading your way!

Happy Birthday weekend Elise...Happy New Ride!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

She's Her Daddy's Girl~Her Momma's World

I can remember it as if it was yesterday. Tromping through the halls of the hospital where my soon to be one and only daughter was going to be born. At the time I was stomping and muttering I had no idea what sex this baby was going to be. All I knew was this baby was past the due date by about ten days and I had been sent home due to 'false labor' one too many times. And here I was, wrapped in a paper dressing gown one in the front, one in the back with nothing else but the ankle boots I had worn to the hospital. I had already been to the OB's office and given the A-OK, yes it's the real deal. FINALLY. Go home and get your suitcase, make arrangements for the four, uh-huh, I said FOUR children already home then head over to the hospital for admittance. So, being one for almost following Dr's orders to the letter, I went home, got a suitcase and told kids Mom would be going to the hospital, sent them off to school with a hug and a kiss and see you soon. Then, being the seasoned veteran of having babies, I decided I was going to get a quick bath and wash my hair, cause God knows when I'll be able to do that any time in the near to distant future. I thought it was a good plan. My body, NO. Everything, all the contractions stopped. Just went A-way. I called the Dr's office and they said well you were really in labor so go ahead and get to the hospital. I did. They told me I needed to dress in the lovely yellow paper gowns and start walking. So Steve and I go waltzing around the halls of the hospital, climb on one elevator...peruse a floor...climb on another elevator and the entire time I am trying to act blase and as if I wear that attire every time I am in the hospital. Did I get stares you might wonder. YES I DID. Did I feel like an idiot? YES I DID. Was I feeling a tad emotional? YES I WAS.

So after about an hour of tromping the hospital halls, and checking in with medical staff they decide to 'jumpstart' the labor. Any woman that has experienced pitocin, knows what evil drug I am referring to. But, hey it did the trick. And we were off and running. Then the nurses and Dr's start taking bets as to what sex they think the heartbeat means. Well folks, I had four previous heartbeat studies so to speak and they all sounded differently, but were beating in male bodies. I mean this isn't an exact science and when the staff all agree it sounded like a female heartbeat, I'm umm yeah..we don't make girls, so, you are guessing up the wrong swollen belly. More cooking and rocking and rolling and I go, "Okay friendly Dr's in this new to me city I'm now ready for my epidural". 
I think it relevant at this point in time to say that all four of my previous children were born in New Orleans. In the hospital where my brother-in-law was an OB, and one time Chief of Staff. He and his partner checked in on me frequently and the hospital staff was very attentive.  When I needed an epidural...Johnny On The Spot with a syringe. Yeah , yeah, I tried natural childbirth for the first birth, 17 hours later, still waiting for baby to be born, said yes...give it to me! Life was good. So, here I am in a strange city, strange hospital, new to me OB practice and the Dr on duty says well we can't give you an epidural for this delivery. It will slow down or stop the contractions. So I then turn very 'lovingly' to my sweet, sweet husband and...for that conversation to be duplicated this blog needs an adult content registration.
All I can say is it turned out to be a good thing for all when this lovely, squalling baby finally got shoved out into the world, it was indeed our first girl. Our only girl. Our heir apparent to my throne, daughter. We rejoiced. We counted fingers and toes. We checked the business end to be sure. We called the boys to report! Ironically, it had been the only pregnancy they had all agreed a sister would be allowed. They were delighted! Once Elise started talking, she would stand at the top of the stairs (before she learned to crawl up and down them), hold out her arms and call, "Oh boyyyeeeesss..."! And they would come running to carry her down the staircase, nary a toe to touch the ground. 
A new woman was about to usurp my throne....happy to oblige! Pink was the new blue!
Being born in October has given Elise the idea that Halloween is really her holiday. She loves everything Fall and everything Halloween. 

Everything she does is about the clothes. She was a real girly girl in a man's world. 

Living in a city without grandparents or aunts and uncles for babysitters, Necessity required Elise to come shopping with me for all the birthdays, holidays, etc. When I had to make a purchase that would eventually end up hers, I used to tell her we were getting it for the 'needy' people, less 'fortunate' or 'poor' people. 
She finally got so over the less fortunate that she started saying, I hate those poor people, they get everything I want! The skates in the picture  were a real sore point for her one shopping expedition. I started feeling I was actually doing she and the less fortunate a disservice. Good thing she got old enough to realize what we were doing! Whew....

And get a load of these boots. She really is sort of an Imelda Marcos of shoes around here. Even then, she got this wild gleam in her eyes when she was shopping for shoes! I think she now has Zappos on speed dial.
I guess she knew she'd need boots for riding horses...???
 Elise is one very loyal and loving sister. From the time she was six weeks old she was attending all 'the brothers' sporting events. Many a night she would fall asleep in her chair after attending a late night sports venue.
Everything is really about her boys. If they were going to dress up at Christmas in the velour shirts they had just received from my parents, well she dashed upstairs to locate her velour shirt to fit right in. What they were trying to express in this photo I leave entirely up to your interpretation.  I'm sure Elise was just along for the ride on this one!
She still loves every opportunity to have a sibling photograph taken with her brothers...
Her life was turned into one huge bowl of sunshine when she became Aunt Elise. Any opportunity to chill with her nephews and niece is golden for her.

When Elise was five she wanted a parakeet. Santa obliged, and she named him Chester. For show and tell he was the star of her kindergarten class!
And no day is complete without a snuggle with her black and gold pups...She and Holden have grown up together...
Holden is like a well worn lovey for her...
But Beignet is the puppy she picked out...she gave Beignet her name...and her heart...

Most recently, Elise went to Baton Rouge to attend her first game at
She met up with some of her female cousins and had one rousing good Tiger Town tailgating time!
*Notice the various shades of LSU purple.

We will be celebrating her birthday this weekend so siblings near and far may attend the festivities. I love how this family shows up for one another. They really make me proud to be their Momma. So, will have to wait a few more days to open presents.

But remember always...You are your Momma's world...
Your Daddy's girl...
And always a delight for all the world...
Happy Birthday My Favorite Daughter!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Sad Tale

Elise and I went shopping at the mall yesterday. We turned into the parking mind you we haven't had this holiday yet...
And no matter how you carve it, there's this holiday waiting in the 'wings'...
But sadly, way ahead of time and in tacky taste...the parking lot was decorated to look like this holiday
 and the interior of the mall, well, you've heard of gilding the lily? Our mall, not a patch on a gilded behind. Full blown gilding going on! In October. Before Halloween. Before Thanksgiving. Boo Mall. Bad Mall.
Sad, sad tale.

And, umm, yes...the living room was rearranged in between Christmas photos...can't wait to see where we place the furniture this Christmas!
But at least the window treatments are now up! 

In a nod to Aesop, I believe every tale should have a moral to its story.
Mine is: Celebrate your holidays and decorate according to the calendar...not the Mall. 
Don't rush your goes by way too fast. And after looking closely at the above picture I strongly recommend if your daughter is your last child, toss her older brothers' bibs. Rocket ship bib on baby girl? C'mon Mom, you can do better!
My shopping companion, pictured above at her first birthday, turns... I can't believe this...twenty-three!
Don't blink...
But that's another posting for another day...