Thursday, October 28, 2010

And She Had Fun Fun Fun in her new CRV.....

Oh My you remember your first new car? The one YOU bought with YOUR very own hard earned money? Well I'm pretty sure Elise will always remember hers! Looky Looky, how happy and proud!

And it all happened in the hours before her siblings arrived to celebrate her birthday! One phone call the night before from her car salesman letting her know her car had arrived sent her over the moon with excitement. She and her Dad travelled to the dealership the next A.M. After some paper signing...promising of Elise's first born child...viola...KEYS TO THE KINGDOM!  Next course of action?

Welcome to the world of High Finances!

New car owner cruised up our street. Showed off her new wheels to those in residence and then the rest of her family arrived!
ever feel like you take a back seat to the younger set? I mean the reallllly younger set!!!
Elise was all over her nephews and niece...can't say I blame her, just wish I had some more face time myself with those huggables! Someones in the kitchen, ya know???

Peter came dressed for the upcoming holiday!
Lily's in love...
But can you blame her? Trey lets her climb all over him!
Get Hugs
Now that's security...
Lily was really into sharing her love...but Aunt Erin is so snuggle worthy!
Uncle Scott and Aunt Erin arrived with $$ from Monticello...
Presents were opened...

Happy Birthday was sung!

Later grandbabies were bathed...
what are you lookin' at?
And the next day...more  pictures by the car...
and some were able to visit with Lily at her house...
Did you know our Lily is now walking...a lot!

If you're lucky...she's heading your way!

Happy Birthday weekend Elise...Happy New Ride!

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