Friday, October 15, 2010

Beryl's Birthday

Okay so I couldn't pass on the alliteration with the title. But today is my sister-in-law's birthday. My husband's one and only sister. A very special lady in both of our lives.
A bit of history here. Beryl was my friend long before she became locked in life with me by marriage. We were pledges in the same high school sorority. Way back when they had those things. I don't know if there are even any around anymore. The one we belonged to was a national high school sorority. I even knew friends of my Dad who had belonged to the same one. Well, if you know how pledge classes go they can really bring you close in a short period of time. And we are. I had admired Beryl's brother from afar, after all he was in college and I was still in high school. Shortly after graduation I got a phone call from Beryl asking me if I would be interested in going out on a date with her brother. HAH! Would I???? Of course I played it cool...saying well if he can't get a date on his own, yeah, sure I'll help out. Hung up the phone and whoo hooo...!!! History was made.

We have been fortunate enough to remain close and have children the same ages. The 'Cousins' have been great friends all their lives. I know it is a bond that will last a lifetime and will forever be thankful they have had the good fortune to have each other in their life.
 Beryl has an iron will. Some might call it the H****** hard head. Umm, I don't know who? But actually all the members of that family recognize that trait in one another. Hard Head, trait. It gets them through some pretty hard times. I know I've been in awe of all she has survived. I am proud to call such a wonderful and loving woman my friend, my sister.

Happy Birthday Beryl


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