Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If I Could Turn Back Time...

Yeah, me and Cher...we need to get a little better about managing time and for me, calendars. Remember what I said about October being a busy month? Well, I got to thinking about my sister Aimee's October wedding. My Mom had a table set up at the reception with balloons and birthday cake because there were so many October birthdays going on right around then. See Oct.3 and Oct 6 postings. So circling my wandering brain back to the calendar and checking said calendar and thinking about Aimee's anniversary, I did the only wise thing a sister can when she may have pooped in her pants. I sent her an email and asked when in October her anniversary is. Thinking it might be on October 6, Bet's birthday...remember the cake and balloons? Nope, mighty fine sister I am, I  managed to miss it entirely. At least I'm still in the right month. October 4 was the answer...OCTOBER FOURTH...oh boy did I poop my pants BIG time. So, Aimee and Wayne my huge apologies and without further prattling...Here is your Happy Anniversary Posting!

Aimee, you were a beautiful bride...I think your nephews and niece were in awe...they were just gathered around you as if they were worshipping at the alter of Saint Aimee. Now that would've been one Saint to meet!
I know Mom and Dad were so excited and proud of their beautiful bride.
I thought you and Mom were particularly beautiful that day. You were glowing like all brides should, and Mom just looked like a happy and proud Momma! You guys have the same smile in this picture!
So apologies all around...I hope you had a wonderful day. Love to you and Wayne and special love from me to you...


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Aunt Aimee and Uncle Wayne! Sorry my Mom had the day wrong and it made her poop her pants... As my youngest says, THAT's disgustin'!

Sush said...

I so hope you took advantage of the moment and gave an impromptu English lesson on the definitions of literal and figurative. Oh, I'm sure you did!