Monday, October 18, 2010

Sad Tale

Elise and I went shopping at the mall yesterday. We turned into the parking mind you we haven't had this holiday yet...
And no matter how you carve it, there's this holiday waiting in the 'wings'...
But sadly, way ahead of time and in tacky taste...the parking lot was decorated to look like this holiday
 and the interior of the mall, well, you've heard of gilding the lily? Our mall, not a patch on a gilded behind. Full blown gilding going on! In October. Before Halloween. Before Thanksgiving. Boo Mall. Bad Mall.
Sad, sad tale.

And, umm, yes...the living room was rearranged in between Christmas photos...can't wait to see where we place the furniture this Christmas!
But at least the window treatments are now up! 

In a nod to Aesop, I believe every tale should have a moral to its story.
Mine is: Celebrate your holidays and decorate according to the calendar...not the Mall. 
Don't rush your goes by way too fast. And after looking closely at the above picture I strongly recommend if your daughter is your last child, toss her older brothers' bibs. Rocket ship bib on baby girl? C'mon Mom, you can do better!
My shopping companion, pictured above at her first birthday, turns... I can't believe this...twenty-three!
Don't blink...
But that's another posting for another day...


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elise MIGNON hoffman said...

hahaha oh the stages of my life and how I have changed... some great pictures and some well... but it was a great posting and YES the mall was way too early on their christmas decorations this year... C'MON PEOPLE!