Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who's Your Daddy

Today is my Daddy's birthday. I miss him each and every day. Today is a bittersweet day in so many ways. It is the day my Dad was born, and the day I spent by his bedside all day the last full day of his life. Holding his hand much of the time. 
 So yes it is a very bittersweet day for me, but I am now trying to make it a day of wonderful memories. It's not hard to do when you had a Dad like ours. He was the best, one in a million. That's what I hope you think of when you think of your Dad...if you have even a glimpse of a man like my Dad in your life, you will be blessed.
I can't tell you who's your Daddy. I can tell you something about mine. Mine was the best Daddy in the entire world. Daddy was so many things all rolled up into one beautiful and precious gift.
 Here are some of my favorite things I like to think about when remembering my Dad.

1. He was a true Southern Gentleman.
2. He liked to wear straw boater hats in the summertime.
3. He usually wore a seersucker suit or a white linen suit in the summertime with his straw boater.
4. As a teenager, I used to sit at my desk and watch from the window when it was time for him to come home from work. I liked to watch him walk home from the bus stop with his jaunty step.  All was well in my world when I finally spied him coming home.
5. He looked so wonderful when he was wearing his summer outfit...very dapper and dashing. 
6. He had a warm smile and chocolate brown eyes and when combined made me feel like I was always and forever safe. 
7. He could speak real cajun French as well as Parisienne French. When he was in WWII he would dream in French. Oh and he learned Arabic while in the Army. He taught us how to say, mind you this is phonetically spelled...Boos Teezi. I shared that information with our Egyptian neighbor and he thought it was really funny. It's Arabic for Kiss My A**. Did I mention yet, he was really funny?
8. He was a fantastic sailor but never competed at the expense of having fun or making his 'crew' feel inferior. Even when it was made up of  all or some of his daughters. Brother Bill would have to tell you if he was as easy  on him...
9. When he would walk into our door in the evenings, he opened the door and sang out, 'Boo, Boo, Boo...I'm Home'!
10. He and my Mom would sometimes converse at the table in Pig Latin or French, until my oldest sister, Lee, learned Pig Latin, taught it to us... ix nay on the pig latin folks. When she learned to speak French...Hah! Foiled The Parents again!
11. He could tell a great joke or story.
12 He laughed at my corny jokes. As in, "Why does a dog bark? It's his natural habit!"
(Still cracks me up...)
13. He was probably one of the only people who could correct my Mom when she was telling one of her tall tales without pi**ing her off. Well most of the time he got away with it.
14. He loved all things Mardi Gras.
15. He loved to go fishing and would often bring me along. We caught fish in the bayous of Louisiana and in the very early summer mornings in Bay St Louis. Croakers and grits for breakfast...yum!
16. He built a sunfish from a kit and let us all 'help'. I caulked nail holes and he made me feel like the boat wouldn't float without my contribution.
17. He taught me to ride a bike, sail and tell corny jokes. (Ref #12.)
18. He could play the violin, loved opera, Gilbert and Sullivan and classical music. He taught me to love it as well.
19. He brought me to hear Itzhak Perlman play on the banks of the Mississippi River. Exquisite!
20. He was what a family man is supposed to be.

 21. He loved each and every one of us with all his heart.
22. He always told me the truth, even if it was something I might not want to hear.
23. He enjoyed great food.
24. He was a wonderful grandfather to all his grandchildren. He loved my husband like  he was his own son.

25. He was a friend for life. A respected businessman and community leader in his hometown.
26. He was very kind and generous.
27. He called me Sush. 

Honestly, the list is endless...who could capture a man as special as he in one list? Not me. But just these memories help me get through what could be a very sad day. Now it is slowly becoming what it is supposed to be. A day of  celebration for the birth of one wonderful Southern gentleman.

Happy Birthday Daddy....

PS Today is also Scott and Erin's first wedding annivesary. They have once again given sunshine to this special day. Tomorrow will be your anniversary posting! Happy Anniversary you Love Birds!


Erin H. said...

What a special post Susie. Your love for your dad is so evident. I wish I had been able to know him, but your post makes me feel a little bit like I do. You know that I too am a Daddy's girl! :) Miss you and love you.

Sush said...

Erin...Love you too...and yes I know you too are a Daddy's girl...something to be grateful for and proud of! Happy Anniversary xoxox

Laura Hoffman said...

Very, very sweet post Susie. I was thinking of you yesterday as I read this post. I can not imagine a day without my Dad, and felt this post from your heart. You have been such great support for me as I go through the emotional rollercoaster with my Dad...thanks so much for everything!!! I love you so much and am so thankful for my sweet, loving parents-in-law :)

Sush said...

Laura, what a sweet thing to say, you brought tears to my eyes! I know you are a Daddy's girl too...they forever have our hearts!

Anonymous said...

Every day is a great day to remember our Daddies :) And we all have so many wonderful memories! Happy Birthday in Heaven Daddy xoxo WE ALL KNOW YOU LOVE US BEST - what a mark of a great man! Susie you are a great daughter and Sister for making our family scrapbook so special!!! Lee