Sunday, November 28, 2010


I just finished watching the movie Ramona and Beezus. I will unabashedly admit, I rented it all by myself and watched it in the wee hours of the AM, all by myself. Can't hide behind grandkids or children...I chose it. It had some slow spots, yes. Overall, I was entertained and one of the highlights for me was Ramona making up her own words. Her teacher would tell her there is no such word, when she would use funner or....terrifical. I take great pride in selecting just the right word when I compose. I enjoy using words like 'droll' and 'supernal' while writing. However, I will now use Ramona's words and take anyone to task who would argue with me in the use of funner and terrifical to describe the day I spent with the two other women in the photo above!

I have had this photograph on my desktop, waiting for an inspired way to post about the occasion it represents. We were at Holden Beach, a more terrifical place to be I can't imagine, and the afternoon was spent decorating the beach house and preparing steamed shrimp and party food for Jim J's fiftieth surprise birthday. Three good friends on vacation with their families, celebrating one of life's milestones. It couldn't have been funner spending the afternoon with my terrifical friends! When a day is beyond fun...and my friends beyond terrific...I think funner and terrifical are precisely the superlative choices for descriptive words! 

It was a very terrifical day, a scrapbook memory of funner times. Happily, I've had many other terrifical days with those two gal pals,  and planning on many more funner times!

Ramona, you rock!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunday Surprise

Last weekend was a very busy one! We were settling back into the house after our trip to Richmond, when we got a phone call from our son Tim. He called to see if he and Lily could come by for a visit. Nothing like a visit from children and grandchildren to make my heart go pitty patter!

We had a grand time! Lots of dress up, playing with Mardi Gras beads, a few moments of playing with blocks, lots of playing with toys and resounding moments on the piano! Added in with some snack time with puffs and a sippy cup, it spelled a Sunday afternoon filled with love.
 Some giraffe riding was thrown in before it was time to leave...
Lily what do you think about this? Your Daddy used to ride that very same giraffe...
 Lily found her way to the play kitchen...
Time for one more snuggle with Pop and then home for some of Mom's delicious soup!
Best news of all? We get to play again this Saturday! Yay!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Morning Glory's Birthday

This is my sister Patsy's birthday...yes, that's you  Patricia Ann. She told me the other day that when and if she gets a chance to read my blog it is around 5:30 AM, before she heads off to work. Say WHAT?  So Patsy, Happy Birthday, Morning Glory!  I'm hoping I can get this finished before you wake up! Sheesh...we gotta get school hours changed or something! 

Anyway on to the main event...Patsy's birthday posting. 
Patsy is the second oldest of 'the sisters'. Lee, the toddler in the picture above is the first born in the family, then Patsy, then me. There are 13 months separating Lee and Patsy, (thus the circles under Mom's eyes), and eighteen months between Patsy and me. Errr? Suffice it to say we are very close about any manner you could think of.

Lee and Patsy did get to do more exciting things together when we were younger. At least that's how I saw it then...and now. They were Flower Girls in our Aunt Lee's wedding. They got to go to Grosse Pointe, and I got to stay home with my Dad. So what if I was an infant?  They always got the prettiest dresses and bonnets. 
Whether it was antebellum dresses or an elegant dress when you were a carnival maid for the Krewe of Dorian. I'm sure I was left eating worms in the back yard...and Patsy was beautiful!

Speaking of eating worms...I don't really remember this, but it was one of my Dad and Mom's favorite tale to tell about Patsy when she was little. She used to like to play with what we called 'doodle bugs', some people call them rolly pollies. She would sit down on the sidewalk and go bugga, bugga, bugga, while searching for the little crawlers! I'm sure she was around this age when she was doing that...
Patsy has always loved the water. Mom and Dad used to bring us to swimming lessons at the Pontchartrain Beach Pool. Coach Dumont was our instructor. How I remember his name I don't know. But Patsy was an excellent swimmer and ended up being a swim coach for years. She started in high school and coached her children's year round swim team for what seemed like forever! Here she is holding on to Paw Paw's hand. This was taken actually when we were at the 'real' beach at Pontchartrain Beach!
We had our first born children only a few months apart. And those cousins are best of friends. Now their first born sons are only a few months apart. It's fun for us, sharing stories and comparing what the little ones are now doing! It's just a shame we and they don't live closer together so the next generation of cousins can be best of friends. Here's a picture of Tyler, Patsy's first grandson, and Trey, my first grandson, along with our brother's two children, Will and Emily... playing in of course, a pool!
If you read an earlier posting, I wrote about a visit from Patsy's daughter-in-law, Leah. During our conversation, Leah mentioned how her daughter has long beautiful hair, and she can't figure out where it comes from. She told me her sister's little ones don't have long hair like that, she doesn't think it comes from her side of the family. Well I knew right away it came from Patsy. Patsy always had this long beautiful hair when she was young. Mom would braid it and she looked adorable. It may have inspired her to want the 'Poor Pitiful Pearl' doll who also had braids! But seriously, I lusted for hair like hers...
My earliest memories are of the triumvirate. I was always so thrilled when Lee and Patsy included me in their midst. We were so close in age that it wasn't hard when we were young to have a level 'playing field'!
When Patsy was in high school she learned how to play, first the bass ukelele and then the guitar. We had lots of fun singing. I think my parents encouraged us hoping we would become some famous sister act. Hah! Lee and Patsy had better singing voices than I, but we all loved to sing.
Here are some pictures of Patsy and Eric. There's also a picture of Patsy, Allan and Eric and one of her three oldest...Eric, Elisabeth and Michael when they were young.

Now, although we weren't sharing our pregnancies for Elisabeth and Michael, it turned out we had our last pregnany the same year. Patsy's daughter Katie and my daughter Elise are only a few months apart. 
Hmm, after re-reading what's posted so far...I believe I am a little out of sequence here...the cart before the horse in a manner of speaking. We did get married before we had our children. Let's not get any family rumors going...! I got married in December of '71 and Patsy in June of '72.  
When I had my first born of course, Patsy was godmother.
If you couldn't tell in the picture above she was pregnant with Eric! Here are the expectant parents later that day!
I shouldn't stake the only claim for Patsy. She is a wonderful sister to all of us! Aimee, I'm sure you agree???
Patsy has a way of being there for everyone. One way or another she just is there when you need her. Or even if it's just a want to be with her, she does her best to accommodate!

Seriously, did you get a tire that year for Christmas. My kids better never complain again!

And here she is visiting with Mary Cynthia and Jennifer. That was when our Aunt Lee came to visit Mom and Dad at Sunrise in New Orleans.
She goes to Dallas for the JDF walk, almost every year!
No matter how far she has to travel or how busy her life is at the time, Patsy was always there for each of my sons' weddings!
Steve Jr, and Terri
Tim and Lisa
Daniel and Laura
Scott and Erin's
Did I mention she is my lodestar? My compass rose? She has a way of making me feel calm by just knowing she is there!
She is now a grandmother of three...hey so am I! 
Oh, and to end the posting on the note I started is one more picture of Lee and Patsy in adorable dresses and uh yeah, I'm probably stuck out in the yard eating worms, wearing nothing but a diaper...
 And I wonder, did you know I kept this wallet picture you gave me so many years ago? I did, and I scanned! 
Patsy, I hope you know how much I love you. You are simply the best! You are a wonderful Mom, wife and most importantly in my life...sister! Have a wonderful day all day long... Morning Glory! Gee, I hope you had time to get to the computer this morning!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
PS I finished before 5:30 AM!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Housewarming

We were invited to celebrate a very special occasion. Laura and Daniel were throwing a Housewarming Party in their first home. And I make the distinction of Home. They have renovated, painted, planted and decorated the house they purchased and turned it into a lovely, welcoming and delightful home. Many hours of sweat and back breaking labor went into the transformation. Now they are able to enjoy the fruit of their labor as are all who enter their home. 

We had a lot of fun visiting with family and friends of my sweet young newlyweds. The pictures below don't begin to portray the beauty they have in their new home...but take a gander and be prepared to be in awe. I know I am!

As always, Laura was a very gracious hostess!
What Laura does so very well is preparing absolutely delicious and delectable food for everyone to enjoy! And I do so love a lovely table setting...

Guests were gathered in every room enjoying the party fare and atmosphere!

A photograph of Dan and Laura's favorite electrician and designer...

The younger branch of the family was well represented...

Old friends...bring happy memories...

We had a reunion of Laura's Maid of Honor and Laura's Mom...

Daniel and his siblings in attendance were captured by my camera lens...
It was a lovely party in a lovely home, hosted by a very lovely and loving couple! Thanks for a wonderful evening. 
Dad says,  "Go get some well deserved rest in that beautiful home!" I say, "Listen to your Father!"