Monday, November 15, 2010

Catch and Release

I love when my grandkids have Early Release Days! I can remember how exciting it was for my kids...the electrical current you could feel running through their bodies as they exited the car knowing they were only going to be in the Big House for a few hours. I get the same electrical current from my grandsons when I pick them up on their Early Release Day. 

Last week Trey had one such day and when he got in my car he was exploding with a child's excitement, relief and happiness. We then proceeded to pick his younger brother up from Day Care and the three of us were off for fun and adventure. Of course it has to be their choice of what and where we would dine for lunch. 'Old Mc Donald's' is often top of the list and that day was no different! And it wasn't much of a surprise that Peter's choice of Happy Meal was whatever Trey was having. I enjoy on site Mc Donald's dining only when in the company of my grandkids. I honestly do feel the twinge of feeding them the fare provided there, but knowing their parents make up for what is lacking on that menu in their own home eases the guilt. 

We then went to 'Sush and Pop's', the Happy Meal grandparents home for a rollicking good time. Lots of listening to favorite songs on the computer, playing with blocks...rolling matchbox cars all over block creations and lots of story book reading. It was a glorious day. I was thrilled with another day of 'catching' my grandsons when they are 'released' early from school! Too bad  It was wonderful their Mom and Day decided they wanted them back and joined us for an early dinner. 
Oh and I'm working earnestly to convince Trey and Peter that the insignia on Tim's hat stands for...NNNNNNNN CCCCCCCCCCC Suuuuuuuussssssshhhhhhh! Go Pack! It' a work in progress....

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