Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunday Surprise

Last weekend was a very busy one! We were settling back into the house after our trip to Richmond, when we got a phone call from our son Tim. He called to see if he and Lily could come by for a visit. Nothing like a visit from children and grandchildren to make my heart go pitty patter!

We had a grand time! Lots of dress up, playing with Mardi Gras beads, a few moments of playing with blocks, lots of playing with toys and resounding moments on the piano! Added in with some snack time with puffs and a sippy cup, it spelled a Sunday afternoon filled with love.
 Some giraffe riding was thrown in before it was time to leave...
Lily what do you think about this? Your Daddy used to ride that very same giraffe...
 Lily found her way to the play kitchen...
Time for one more snuggle with Pop and then home for some of Mom's delicious soup!
Best news of all? We get to play again this Saturday! Yay!

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