Sunday, November 28, 2010


I just finished watching the movie Ramona and Beezus. I will unabashedly admit, I rented it all by myself and watched it in the wee hours of the AM, all by myself. Can't hide behind grandkids or children...I chose it. It had some slow spots, yes. Overall, I was entertained and one of the highlights for me was Ramona making up her own words. Her teacher would tell her there is no such word, when she would use funner or....terrifical. I take great pride in selecting just the right word when I compose. I enjoy using words like 'droll' and 'supernal' while writing. However, I will now use Ramona's words and take anyone to task who would argue with me in the use of funner and terrifical to describe the day I spent with the two other women in the photo above!

I have had this photograph on my desktop, waiting for an inspired way to post about the occasion it represents. We were at Holden Beach, a more terrifical place to be I can't imagine, and the afternoon was spent decorating the beach house and preparing steamed shrimp and party food for Jim J's fiftieth surprise birthday. Three good friends on vacation with their families, celebrating one of life's milestones. It couldn't have been funner spending the afternoon with my terrifical friends! When a day is beyond fun...and my friends beyond terrific...I think funner and terrifical are precisely the superlative choices for descriptive words! 

It was a very terrifical day, a scrapbook memory of funner times. Happily, I've had many other terrifical days with those two gal pals,  and planning on many more funner times!

Ramona, you rock!


elise MIGNON hoffman said...

This is one of my favorite memories from the "neighborhood" summers together at Holden! Can we go back in time... or maybe just back to Holden together?! Great post, Mom! xoxo Mignon

lisa said...

What a fun, well-written post. I did see Ramona and Beezus on the movie list, but did not even dare mention it to Tim as even a possibility to rent it. I loved all those books growing up!

Sush said...

I would go with you to Holden Beach anytime, anyway. I would go in a car, I would go in a boat, perhaps we'll just go on a float. Let's go today I don't care when just as long as we go to Holden again and again!!
*Feeling a little Seusical...

Sounds like a rental for you and Lily...! Tim could use that time to go Christmas shopping for his gift for you! Shall I give him a hint?

Anonymous said...

Susie, what a great post - brings back memories of such a fun time with some of my favorite people !! We should do it again soon!! Thanks for sharing!!! Love, J

Sush said...

@J...Yay you found it! I didn't see your comment until today. It was a great time and I'm always ready for a road trip to the beach!