Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thinking of You Uncle Jack

Sending a hug and a bundle of prayers to my brother-in-law, Jack. He is having foot surgery that goes beyond anything I would care to endure. So I'd appreciate any of my readers who are willing to add my sweet bro in law to your prayers to please do so. We are hoping he has a quick recovery and is back on his feet in no time, playing golf, and doing his usual shenanigans. 

Jack is the type of guy who is always looking out for everyone in the family...but I found out how he knows when he is needed:
He's like Santa at the North Pole, checking on everyone. Good thing about Jack, at least as far as I'm concerned he doesn't care if 'You've been naughty or nice'! Whew...

So Jack, hope your surgery is a Martha Stewart experience for you. A Good Thing. Feel better and hope you are back to your party form in no time. I'll be checking to see if you are ready to      P A R T Y!
We love you a bushel and a Peckie!


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