Saturday, November 13, 2010

You've Got Mail

What was in my inbox that tickled me no end yesterday? A note from our niece Leah! Our nephew Eric had the good taste and discerning mind to marry this lovely woman, hmm...eleven years ago this month? I think my math is right, but do notice my blinking button regarding the author and her math skills. 

The two met in Wisconsin during their undergraduate years. Eric, our swimmer extraordinaire had gone to the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire on a swimming scholarship. While there he met this lovely girl of Scandinavian decent. She is a brilliant young lady with a wonderful sense of humor. They have three of the most beautiful Scandinavian looking children you have ever seen! (Are there children of Scandinavian descent that aren't beautiful? I doubt it!)

Anyway when I found out we would get a chance for a brief, but very welcome visit, my husband and I were there! My son Steve and Eric are the same age and cousins/buddies since they were in diapers. So, I picked up the phone and included any and all of his family for an evening of catching up with Leah. The rest of the family that resides close in the area were invited, but otherwise occupied. We are hoping for a return visit with all of Leah's family as soon as they can travel this way, and a chance to include all of my family! 

Steve lives closer to the area where Leah's conference was so we let him be the chauffeur and tour guide. He had the best idea of dining at a restaurant that overlooks the Durham Bulls Baseball Field. Yes the Bull Durham movie one in the same, Durham Bulls!
 Steve and our youngest grandson Peter were the only ones available in his family. Our daughter-in-law, Terri and our oldest grandson, Trey were busy with his school's Mom/Kid's night of bowling. That sounded like a lot of fun too!

Back to the restaurant. We had lot's of fun, heard some good stories on the happenings in Leah and Eric's family. It was a cherished evening, one I won't forget! Hoping to document for Leah her time spent with us, and of course give her some 'Street Cred' with her family, we had some pictures taken inside and outside the restaurant. The BULL on the sign is what the baseball players hit to get a free steak. Yep, if they hit the Bull, they get a steak...not to mention a homerun! 

Tyler, Sam and Sophie...see if you can get your Dad to bring y'all for next year's baseball season. We'll get tickets to the game and hope someone hits the Bull so you can see the SMOKE come out his nostrils! Nothing but class when you come visit Aunt Susie...!!!
Leah, thanks for the visit and sharing your busy schedule with us. Come back soon and bring all the family!
Oh! And a huge thanks to my photographer, aka Uncle Steve, aka my wonderful husband!


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