Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anniversary Prose For Steve

'Twas the week before Christmas December '71
The limo was waiting...bells to be rung
I knew in my heart I'd found the man of my dreams
Oh how excited, how young...we both seem!
My Dad asked, 'Are You Sure?'
'Of course' I replied, 'No worries, no fuss'!
As we traversed down St Charles
To the Church where You was...
I walked down that long aisle, my eyes only for you!
Was ready to reply, 'Oh yes, Father, I do'...
A vow was taken,
We'd only begun.
It's thirty nine years 
Since we shared our white cake
So what do you think-
Hasn't it all been just great?
I love you my darling
You bring me such Joy
My husband, kids' Father
Romantic, and loving, still my fav-o-rite boy!

Loves~Loves~Our Love!

1 comment:

Laura Hoffman said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! What a wonderful post...loved the poem. :) Enjoy your special day, you have lots to celebrate!