Friday, December 3, 2010

One Year Anniversary

I'll begin with the beginning...It All Started With A Wedding...*
Honestly, I almost overlooked this day, I've been so busy with birthday and holiday postings and decorating my home for Christmas! But it is a special anniversary. I don't know when I've enjoyed something as much as I have enjoyed creating this blog! I do love writing and I have checked my stats...hey fellow bloggers did you know you can do that? I have readers worldwide. My readers are from Russia, Denmark, France, Croatia, the UK just to name a few of the countries where I have readers! And people all over the US seem to enjoy my writings! I love you all!

So thank you all for signing up as followers and commenting and I welcome any and all who would like to join...

And if you are a writer in need of an the words of little Mikey's brothers of the Post Cereal fame...'Try It, You'll Like It'!

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Laura Hoffman said...

Congrats on 1 year! I forgot to mention that on my blog. :) I didn't know that you can check the stats on your readers. You will have to show me this weekend, or over x-mas. Love you!