Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oops It Did It Again

Seriously? Seriously! Doesn't anyone up There know I'm a transplant from the Deeeeeeppppp South, as in Tropical South???? Why does this keep happening???
I was hoping the Fleur De Lis Christmas Tree would suffice as a bloody X on my door for the Holy Spirit of Snow to pass over my house. I guess you really can't mix Jewish and Christian theology?
Didn't work...
If you notice when this picture was taken the snow is still falling!
And this is why I don't drive when it snows. It probably is one of the last streets to ever see a snow plow if it comes at all! But word spread like wildfire in the animal kingdom in my house...
Psst, Holden tell all the others! It's snowing! Tell them to bark like crazy so we get to go out!
Yeah, Laura! She's got a soft heart! That's the way to do it!
What are you looking at? I did what Beignet asked...I spread the word. I pity the fool that goes out in that stuff!

Hey...anyone seen Holden out here?

Mmmm-mmm...downtime! Alone at last!

I do suggest if it is going to snow where you live, I mean this kind of a 'whole lotta snow', you invite as many of your strong young grown sons over for a visit you possibly can...
They really make a difference! Thank you my boys!

But before all the white S*#W fell we did have a lovely family Christmas.

Coming soon...

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