Monday, December 13, 2010

Passing the Santa Torch(ering)

I did say look out for future generations of Santa pictures. Here are two I had on hand and could quickly scan. I'm sure I have more...but I'll save those for another Christmas. Maybe by then I'll have my pictures in order. BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Tim looks like he's in shock! Steve looks like he's looking off in the distance at me like 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING'?
And then there were three...
Scott always did know what side of the bread his butter was on! If that guy in the red suit means gifts, sure, I'll smile! Lily....look Daddy is saying, "CHEEESEEEEE"!

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Laura Hoffman said...

Susie, I am loooving your posts! They are so great! I especially love this one of the boys on Santa's precious. If you happen to come across of one w/Daniel and Santa...will you send it to me? I have a little project in mind...

Love you!