Saturday, December 4, 2010

Peter Rabbit Chapter Three

My second posting when starting this blog was wishing my wonderful grandson Peter, Happy Second Birthday. And now the wheel has turned and once again it is time for Birthday wishes for Peter...the big THREE this year! Since his last birthday, Peter's been very busy! Before a photo retrospect of some of this last year's highlights, how about some precious pictures of a little one, I can no longer call, 'Baby Peter'? He was snug as a bug in a rug in the puppy towel!
Yes, Peter, you even slept in the crib at Sush's house, or well you were playing here...
and here:
But no more Baby are all of THREE YEARS OLD! Oh no Sush going to have to put a book on your head too, to slow down this growing up business???

You've been to Trey's Kindergarten Play...
and shared some cupcakes with him after the show, where you asked him, "So Trey, how was your day?"
You were so happy for your brother at his Kindergarten graduation...
And no that is not MY thumb in the picture...some photo happy person jumped in front just when I had the best shot of your sweet smile! Oh phooey!

We spent a wonderful week at the beach, you were like Uncle Tim at that age. Either all motion...
 or the switch just turns, well the picture tells the story...
I do think you and Trey enjoyed the beach this summer, don't you?
You all had to leave a day early to make Picture Day for Trey's baseball team! Before we know it we will be watching you run the bases!
And then it was the end of summer and time for Trey's birthday! We all could have predicted his choice of pancakes for birthday breakfast, don't you think? What did you have for breakfast today?
And then it was fall, time to pick out pumpkins!
Enjoying sharing the same room with your big brother is one of your specialties...
You two just play so well the bed and out of the bed!
 One, "Go long, Peter!", we looked up and you'd gone so very long you ended up at my house for Aunt Elise's birthday! You really DO know how to go long!
We had one more trip to take...Uncle Dan and Aunt Laura's Housewarming Party! You were so well behaved!
Thank goodness for Early Release Days...we get to visit in the middle of a school week!
When Trey and Mom had a night at the bowling alley, we got to visit with Leah and go see the Durham Bull's stadium! Too bad it was so dark, but we'll go back when it's warm and sunny for a real baseball game! It was still fun spending time with you and Daddy!
And here we are...another year has gone by, Peter. You are another year older, count, two, THREE fingers old! Happy Birthday my love...see you soon for cake and ice cream, for you and Unka Dan!

PS Daniel, you have to wait for your birthday posting until December 8!

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Peter had a lot of fun on his birthday! Thanks for a great post...