Monday, December 26, 2011

Down For The Count

Christmas greetings dear ones. This will be a brief posting. It seems the cold I was fighting for two weeks turned into bronchitis right before Christmas. For the first time ever in my life I had to put the house in quarantine and have yet to celebrate Christmas with anyone other than my sweet date of the last forty plus years and my daughter who came to bring sustenance to her parents and open gifts.

My husband went to the Dr as well as he isn't sounding so spiffy himself. Thankfully his is just a cold. We've been hacking and all the yucky things you could think that would go with this...ugh! This was a first for our forty years I will say. Glad I had my best friend with me.

Keeping the laptop on my lap seems to bring on the coughing fits so I'm sad to say I'm off for a bit. I wish you all the Best of New Years and look forward to another year of sharing life with my dear blogging friends and meeting all the lovelies out in the world. Because what is so amazing to me is we do meet people and make friends from all over the lovely planet we all share.

Much loves~loves~loves~

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Forty Years Ago The Week Before Christmas

Yes, surprisingly, my Mother and Father still spoke to me when we chose the week before Christmas as the day Steve and I would marry. It was a beautiful Christmas wedding...and began a love story that continues to be told.

For a wedding present my Aunt Lee composed this beautiful poem and artwork to go with.

It's been a beautiful dance...and Aunt Lee was so very right. Yes Is Now!
I love you my husband...looking forward to the next forty years!

Friday, December 16, 2011

We Interrupt This Program

Hi dear friends. I'm going off for a few days. My date for the last 40 plus years and I are going to the mountains to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We will be touring the Biltmore House for the Candlelight Christmas Tour and the next day touring it again for the 'behind the scenes' tour. Lots of excitement and memories for us as we honeymooned on the other side of the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tn.
 Young and poor as Church mice...we had a wonderful week those forty years ago. Forty years later some things have changed; some not. NONE of the changes worth mentioning. I shall not lie!
Enjoy yourselves as you prepare for Christmas and spend time with loved ones. If you are not spending time with family and friends this year, take a leaf from my Grandmother Bet's page and go volunteer at a soup kitchen, visit the elderly...anything so you don't feel sad. When Bet wasn't able to visit with any of her relatives during the holidays that is just what she did to occupy her time. It's amazing how grateful we can be after helping those faring worse than ourselves!

Hugs and love to you all. I'm getting giddy with excitement...and this bride has more packing to be done!

Be young...Be foolish...and Be Happy!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sister Surprise

This posting is a tad out of order as to when it occurred but it was one of the most joyous days I've ever witnessed. This is a posting about my daughter in love Erin's Baby Shower that was the week before Thanksgiving. Erin was well aware she was being gifted with said Baby Shower. We all were counting the days to when we could travel to the D.C. area where she and my son Scott live and work. Erin and Scott hosted my husband and I, our daughter Elise and our son Tim and his wife...another of my daughters in love, Lisa. We had a lovely visit and enjoyed every second spent in their beautiful home. However the highlight for me was this one moment at the Baby Shower...

Erin's two sisters have moved to Utah. Her oldest sister Shana had been hoping to surprise Erin and attend the shower. Beyond that I knew nothing, which is just as well because I get so tongue tied trying to remember what I am allowed to tell and what I'm supposed to keep secret. On the morning of the shower I of course still did not know if Shana had made it in for her surprise appearance. We drove to the home of one of her hostesses in two cars. Erin drove the first with Lisa riding shot gun with her. Elise drove the second with me riding shot gun and another daughter in love, Laura riding in the back. Laura and Daniel drove up from Richmond earlier in the morning for the shower. They were leaving later to attend a wedding in Baltimore. The 'boys' all stayed at home with Scott doing manly man for dinner necessities for when we returned!!! Love that those boys all cook!!!

 I the shower we go!
Shana had planned to just appear during the 'mingling' portion of the shower. It was a wonderful idea and executed to perfection. In fact she was so inconspicuous Erin didn't realize Shana was standing next to her. Erin was looking at her phone when she looked up at the semi circle gathered around her and said, "Why do I get the feeling everyone is looking at me"? Well, Erin...we were! And then she looked to her side and well a picture does say a thousand words:

Shana you pulled your surprise appearance off to perfection! Surprised much, Erin? Oh yes! Did I have tears in my eyes as well? Oh yes! Was there a dry eye in the house? Probably not!

After the Mom to Be calmed down a bit we were invited to dine on the amazing luncheon her hostesses had provided. Look at the 'turkey' created out of fruits and veggies!
It's worth a closer inspection...
Our resident 'foodie' Laura was busy checking out the delectable creations....

The cake was 'sweet' in so many ways, the onesie with the HB for Holden Beach was a hit...

After enjoying the delicious luncheon it was time for presents...I chose a few of the moments as the gifts were many and very thoughtful...

Erin's two nieces Samantha...
And Olivia are so excited for another cousin!

It was a lovely shower, the hostesses were the mostesses! As one of five sisters...and a sister that lives away from her own sisters, the highlight of the day remains for me and I hope I don't speak out of turn for Erin...this moment!
The partying is done, the nursery is all set up. There's just one little delightful detail missing...
our sweet baby granddaughter is due at the end of January. I truly am on pins and needles with anticipation! Blessings indeed await and abound.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Holiday traditions are essential to Christmas for me. I dreamed of have the tradition of decorating gingerbread houses with my five kids. The reality of that ever happening in my crazy chaotic Christmas seasons of yore was next to nil. Dreams deferred, I now have the time and energy to establish the tradition with the next generation instead! My grandchildren allow me the pleasure of their company early in the Christmas season for just this venture!

This was Lily's first year to actually participate in decorating a gingerbread house. I love to make it all about the process for the kids so that when it's that time of year again they actually look forward to it. I always get plenty of 'extra' candy for the occasion. The correct ratio is usually five to for the house five for the decorator!

I believe Ms Lily would have been content to spend all day at the table as long as she had her private stock of M & M's to consume! She could get a little testy when I wanted to add another row of those chocolatey delights to the last side of the roof. "No Sush, no more on the top!". She also decided she needed to have a taste test on each new type of candy that was going on the house or the grounds...! We had quite a pile of 'spit backs' as they are referred to around here! She was very good at directing where the candies should be placed and even placed several items on the house herself! I think her favorite part was sticking the Peeps Christmas trees in the icing and putting gumballs around them to keep them from falling over. 

I knew it would be crazy hectic to try and create gingerbread houses with all three grandkids at one time. Lily came over one morning she didn't have pre-school and stayed until nap time. Here are a few memories from this very special day...

It's hard to tell from these pictures but less was more on the rooftop m & m's for Lily. 

Once the gingerbread house was decorated to her approval we gathered Sush's 'ballerina skirt and a new favorite tiara. This tiara is sequined and was glittering all over the walls and floor. Lily kept turning her head to make it sparkle! Lily also took her turn at putting ornaments on the children's tree. I have a tree that is just for the grandkids to decorate. They can place them wherever they want and rearrange and redecorate to their hearts content. My Mom used to do this and I do love traditions...!

I'm sure Lily was well indoctrinated into the art of gingerbread house decorating. 

Friday her two cousins, Trey and Peter came over for a sleepover with Pop and Sush. We had a dinner out and then drove around looking at Christmas lights. On returning we all climbed in Pop and Sush's bed for a viewing of The Polar Express!

The next day after breakfast we set out the array of candies for another decorating session. Trey is a seasoned veteran of decorating gingerbread houses. This year he was full of decorating suggestions and decided to add 'chocolate kisses' to make a 'gutter' on the house. Peter thought that was a grand idea and added them to his side of the house as well. This was Peter's year to be involved in the decorating of his side of the house from start to finish. He was full of ideas as well and I think this house was equally spectacular. In an award winning category, I'd say!

 Peter is 'testing' one of the candies trying to decide if it is house worthy!

Serious decorating going on!
Trey starting on his chocolate kisses gutters!
Peter adding his chocolate kisses to his gutter!
I think it was a resounding success this year, what do you think, Peter?

Once the house was completed, the boys were busy driving their match box cars in Sush's Christmas village. They also took their turn at putting ornaments on the children's tree! I believe one of the highlights of the day was showing their Mom and Dad how the remote control turned the 'big' Christmas tree lights off and on. I do so love these special days. Days of creating memories and continuing some traditions and starting new ones! It is the most wonderful time of the year!
I love you my darling grandchildren Always and Forever!

Oh and children of apologies for returning them to you giddy with sugar and excitement. What's a Gramma to do?


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beach Party

My how time flies when we're having fun! Daniel Son is officially thirty today! I am thinking of him as he most likely is lying on a nice warm sunny beach in Hawaii with his true love, wife and gifter of said Beach Party. Before he left early in the AM his Dad and I called him to wish him Happy Birthday. I said how wonderful that he gets to spend his thirtieth on a nice sunny beach...then realized that for my thirtieth I was pregnant with Daniel. And the wheel turns!

So Daniel Son...have a lovely time with your one true love and have a wonderful Birth Day!
And stay away from the 15 foot waves!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Double Trouble

We celebrated Peter and Daniel's birthdays over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was the holiday rotation for everyone to be seated at our home for turkey and dressing. As we had them all in town at the same time, sometimes a difficult task, and Daniel will be celebrating his actual birthday in was a go for December birthdays in November!

I must admit I was not good at keeping up with my camera and taking photographs this Thanksgiving. When I escaped from the kitchen I was heady with the thrill of enjoying my family and not too keen on spending time behind the lens.

We had a wonderful weekend and as usual, most of the pictures are of the little ones. Although it wasn't Lily's birthday, she has a penchant for wearing the fluffy tiara whenever she is at Sush's. I do think she wears it like no other ever could! 

Without further ado...Grandson Peter's 4th Birthday celebration and Daniel Son's 30th!
Peter's Mom once again fulfilled his birthday request with chocolate cupcakes....Notice his number FOUR?
Trey was right there to make sure Happy Birthday was sung loud and clear, and wishes were made...
Looks like Mom did her top notch job once again! That's a chocolate smile of contentment!
Daniel's sister Elise fulfilled his request for a devil's food cake with rainbow chip icing!
He's such a shy retiring young man...
Lily helped blow out those big chunka monka 30 candles for Uncle Dan!
Speaking of Lily, no one styles a tiara like this gal! Step aside Queen Elizabeth...roll over Princesses comes Princess Lily! Where is the paparazzi anyway?
Princess Lily awaits her loyal subjects...! Nah I think she's just waiting for her cupcake!
Now that's what I'm talking about....toss the tiara and dig into the cupcake!
Pop sure seems to be enjoying his cake...great baking Aunt Elise!
And what are birthdays without presents??? Not much is what I'm thinking! Peter looks quite content with his Mr Wolf pillow pal; look out Peter, Uncle Dan may be taking that back with him!
When you share a party, it's nice to take turns opening gifts! Uncle Dan takes a turn...
Well when you're four I think you get more turns.
Stylin' that new cap Peter...looking really cool dude!
Now that we have everyone's attention and help...Uncle Dan, back to you!
Peter's up again...
Oh look, little Miss Zoey is helping her Daniel open gifts!
Yes, Lily...I think we all thought it was that kinda birthday! When the little ones are worn out you know the party was a success!

Happy Birthday to all and to all a good time!