Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'C'mon a My House...Christmas 2010

My Hospitality Fairy and I welcome you to Christmas 2010! Come on in and spend a while with me and my loved ones. Through the foyer, under the mistletoe and yes, that's the wicker bell I made in Jr Achievement, reworked but still attracting kisses! 
Peer into the living room...notice a certain Jingle Jangle Jingle hanging around with my photo of Mom and Dad? Yay...yes it is the one and only Mr Bingle telling stories of Kris Kringle! I think Mom and Dad would be happy knowing he was keeping them company this Christmas!
Since forever, I've used Mom's idea of the brandy snifter with Christmas Balls as's so cheerful and helps cut down on Christmas calories! 
This year, Erin gave Scott some piano lessons, and he gave us all a resounding performance of 'Jingle Bells', followed by my lame attempt at a duet with Erin of 'Heart and Soul'. 
We had fun, but I think I need a lot more practice before my next performance! 
Watching over us was the Swedish Creche Mom let me pick out one of my first Christmases as a newlywed! Cherish them and can't wait to set up the figures every Christmas.
 Shall we venture downstairs to the family room? I was so excited to decorate the new mantle, and bookshelves this year! Let me show you what fun I had...Oh and if my photography seems a little more artsy this posting, Elise gave me a quick photo tutorial and let me use her new fancy-schmancy camera!
I really changed things around this year. Went with a subtle, vintage look. Think it works?
Sitting above is a vintage looking Santa...maybe you can decipher his appearance with this shot:
Sharing the shelf with the silver sleigh above, are the newly transplanted from the mantle, but occupying Christmas memories in this house for 23 years, Mr and Mrs Claus...
On the other side of the fireplace we have new ornaments in shades of Mardi Gras, some sparkling deer, and a wise old adage...
The overall effect was this:
And I can't forget Grams' lamp newly shaded with my one of my MOST treasured Christmas decorations:
But this is all backdrop...window dressing, what have you for the most important part of real treasures, my family! First a very heartfelt public thank you to Laura and Dan for the fantastically delicious Christmas Eve dinner of firecracker prawns! I was able to act like a guest in my own house that night...get some relaxing in before the big day.
Very gratefully, I have another public thank you for all to know. Christmas morning, Erin and Scott prepared and served not one but two breakfast casseroles that were indescribably yummy. Another restful and very appreciated dining experience!
That we were able to enjoy Christmas in a sparkling clean house was due to an early Christmas gift from Elise. Her gift to me this year was a two hour, two person professional house cleaning! This young woman knows the way to her Momma's heart!

And now with love and pride, I present to you the heart of Christmas. 
Trey and Peter arrived with toys from home until other gifts were opened. Sweetly awaiting the big show at Sush and Pop's.
Lily arrived in her PJ's, but was soon transformed into a Christmas princess!
 With no particular order, here's Christmas 2010! Most pictures are self explanatory, but do notice I tried my best this year to disguise as many of the gifts in large sized boxes or wrapping. Many of the boxes were not what the  gift really was! Oh, oh, can't forget a big shout out to the photogs of the family. Elise bought herself a fancy camera now that she is a certified bread winner and Laura and Daniel are proud owners of their very own fancy camera a Christmas gift from Mamma and Pappa Conschafter.

Now for the show...

 Peter was thrilled to be our Christmas present deliverer, and to get to open his own!
 Trey was a big help in reading the name tags:
 Lily had some presents of her own to open:
 Erin calmed the restless pups:
Oh Baby Beignet, maybe next year you will be able to join the crew...remember the key words: Chill Beignet, chill!
I/we all enjoyed watching the children open presents more than anything...
But it is nice to watch the smiles on adults faces as well:

                                 Wait Peter...there's more!
Lily found the ornaments on the tree intriguing. I don't blame her, that's an ornament her Great-Grandma gave me. My Mom and Dad would have loved you Lil!
 Readers, that's pretty much a wrap...a few more pictures here and there, but I'm now counting my photos with care...hoping I have room for when next, Saint Nicholas is there...
You've seen the snow that came Christmas night and the next day, you've had the HGTV tour of my place and best of all seen the family on Christmas. There's nothing more to say than, Merry Christmas to all and to all (Steve does this sometime during the festivities every Christmas, Mrs Claus wears him out) a goodnight!


Anonymous said...

What a great job you did of telling your Christmas Story!! Great pictures and great family and a Happy New Year to all - when does Steve wake up from hibernation?! Jeannette

Erin H. said...

What a wonderful post, and an even more wonderful Christmas!! :-)

Jen Foster said...

Nice photos - next thing I know, I'll be the only blogger in town without a DSLR!

And is that I cast iron skillet I saw hiding in that big box? Great gift - it's our fave piece of kitchen equipment.

lisa said...

Erin already said it, but I will say it was a wonderful Christmas. I am so glad we could all be together. Looking forward to celebrating again this weekend!

elise MIGNON hoffman said...

Geez ladies, showing me up on the comments! haha Just kidding, it was a wonderful Christmas and Mama this post is so sweet! I LOVE all the great pictures and you are welcome to use my camera anytime. Just remember that quote I heard from you my whole life... "you break it, you buy it." :) loves loves loves, Mignon