Monday, January 10, 2011

If Only The Saint's Had Won...Or It Was 'Pretty Much' A Perfect Birthday

Steve was as excited as a child on Christmas when I told him the news...all of his children would be in town for his birthday celebration! He is really so easy to please. Gather his family around him and the rest is just lagniappe. After dining at Fat Daddy's we returned home for cake and ice cream, family photo ops we forgot at Christmas, (or just couldn't squeeze one more thing to ask of children of all ages), and had play time for all!
Lily is still bonkers for Zeus...she was too precious with her time with him:
 Lily has Zeus in her sights and is going in for a kiss...
Should I?
OHHHH Mom...did you see? Did you?
Ohhh, that was sooo cool!
But we had lots of 'Puppy Love' to go around! Peter and Holden were having a love fest of their own...
Holden may be getting up there in years...she's 13, but she knows how to share her love!
While we were at Fat Daddy's, Peter had been trying to tell Pop what his birthday present was. Christmas had been all out of the bag with Peter...he reminded me of myself. I always was the kid that would say, "You're never gonna guess what we got you"...and then tell the recipient the exact present! So for Pop's birthday Peter kept saying, "We got you Drew Brees, Pop, we got you Drew Brees!" It was really precious. The saving grace was Sush and Pop are not quite yet ready for hearing aids but probably closer to needing them we are ready to admit. Pop needed a translation for what Peter was trying to tell him and I kept telling him...leave it alone for now, he wants to tell you what you got for your birthday. Like a man, it just made Steve egg him on more. So, shortly after we finished with the 'official' portraits of each family and the big family photo and the siblings photo, Peter was dying to let Pop know what his family got him for his birthday.
We got you Drew Brees, Pop...
We had cousin picture time before they had too much party time...
Lily was reaching out for Trey...
Trey gave hugs to everyone...
I think it was maybe too exciting for Lily...her older cousin noticed her! Wow!
Oh, did you notice Lily's shirt? Her Aunt Elise gave it to her for was a reference to how much Lily is a Daddy's girl...but I think it applied to all the guys that night!
And I really need to find one that says 'She's with Me', cause she is just as much a 'Mommy's Girl'!
We had individual pictures of all the families...
Steve Jr., Terri, Peter and Trey
Tim, Lisa, Lily
Scott and Erin
Daniel and Laura
And one of my favorite pictures...the sibling pose. 
Of course they horsed around a lot before we could get one where they were all looking in the same direction and not goofing around.

Next up: time for cake and ice cream...and singing Happy Birthday!
We finished off the night with something very familiar in this household. Boys, blocks and cars!

So if it goes all the way down the ramp, you win! 
Not this time...
Sr Architect Trey, handling repairs...
Racers take your mark:
And the results are in...
Peter won!
'Pretty much' a cool race track, Trey!
Happy Birthday Pop...we ALL LOVE YOU! 
Taa Daaaa....!

ps...sorry the Saints didn't win....

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pop! We had a great weekend and Mom thanks for the great pictures! It was very nice of Scott and Erin and Dan and Laura to come in for the celebration, it is a long trip but we were very excited that they were able to make it!
Steve, Terri, Trey and Peter