Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Visitors of the smaller size

The weekend before last, two very special boys came a'visiting. I heard someone say, "Where's Sush?"! It seems Pop had issued an SOS to his sons that reside in the area. Installing crown moulding has not been a slap-dash affair in this household. It takes all hands on deck and he was thrilled when the hands arrived. I was thrilled because it meant some time with the best of the best grandsons! The only problem for me was it was late in the afternoon and by the time we had dinner, I finally remembered to sneak away to get my camera for some pictures.

After bath time I found Trey in his Aunt Elise's room. They were busy with sketch pad and markers. Trey is quite the artist.
He and Aunt Elise were busy sketching and watching tv and just generally having a love fest of the aunt and nephew variety!
Feeling rather like a third wheel in the love fest, I went in search of Peter. I knew he'd had his bath. First I checked out the living room. I found this body of evidence that Peter had been there. One day I suspect Peter may be CEO of a major car company. Or perhaps speeding around the Daytona 500!

No sign of my little race car driver, just the remnants of time well spent. Started to walk downstairs to the family room when I noticed Peter and his Mom both on the sofa. Peter and Terri were sound asleep in their own little oreo-style, Mom/Son/Blanket cocoon. I felt it would have been rather rude to risk disturbing that sweet moment with a camera flash.

Next time I will whip the camera out as soon as I hear their dulcet voices. I hate missed photo-ops.
Oh well, nothing for it but you guys just need to return ASAP.

And now I'm pleased to share another small size visit...this past Sunday, Lily and her Daddy dropped in for a visit. Sadly, again I missed the photo-op, but boy we did get some play time in!

I do enjoy my visitors of the smaller size. It's true you know...good things do come in small packages! In fact, the best things come in small packages!

Come back Lily, Come back Trey and Peter...!


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