Monday, February 28, 2011

Whip It

This is not an homage to Willow, no, no, this is a Happy Birthday homage to our Laura...she is a lady in constant motion. She is a certified fitness trainer...and any 'body' lucky to have her as a trainer is delighted, I am sure. I need to move to her hometown so she can 'whip' me into shape. Have you seen how fantastically in shape she is? To master this job...she gets up at the crack of dawn to get some of her clients moving in the early AM. Now in my book, that's dedication! And if being excellent at sharing fitness isn't a full time job, she is a wonderful gourmet and health conscious chef...'whipping up' mouth watering meals for family and friends. Her home is an abode that is welcoming from the front door and has a soothing ambiance throughout. To see how to 'whip' a home into shape a la Laura, see here, and here.

Laura, as I mentioned to my other February 'daughters', I'm trying to shorten my birthday postings. It is never possible to put into a few paragraphs and sentences how blessed I am to have you ladies in my life. Today, I celebrate my son's excellent good taste to have fallen in love with YOU, a young woman I love and admire. You have a joie de vivre that encompasses all of us blessed to be in your presence!

Happy Birthday, and thank you for all the love and joy you whip into...Every. Single. Day.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Girl

Oh Erin...I didn't forget your birthday. I had appointments today that took much longer than I expected. I am also making birthday postings shorter this year. I started to panic every birthday trying to make sure I was giving each birthday celebrant his/her due. Can't handle the I am going with a short love note for my birthday lovelies!

Hope you had a sweet and joyful day...that would be what best represents you and your loving essence. Your love light shines on all of us blessed to be a part of your world.

Happy Birthday, my sweet daughter...I'm so happy you are you!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out of Order...

It's always a surprise to me when February starts out slow and then it picks up speed the day after Valentines and keeps on going! I now have three of my beautiful daughters (by the excellent taste of my sons) having birthdays in February.

 February 15th is Terri's birthday...a birthday that usually gets celebrated for a least a week. We love those birthdays that just keep on giving...sort of like the birthday girl herself!

I am taking a new approach to birthdays for my blogging world. I am going to make them shorter, but I hope very sweet.  Again, like this birthday daughter. (Well not short, but definitely sweet). Our delightful wife to our first born son, and Mother of our first two grandsons! 

I am a little late in putting this birthday posting together. I hope I will be forgiven as on the birthday girl's 'real' birthday, and the day before I was very active in my role as 'Grandmother' for the oldest son of our birthday girl. Trey was not feeling well and we spent the day before and the day of Terri's birthday relaxing and trying to get Trey on the mend. I do feel rather proud of myself I was able to get Terri's present to her on time, no small feat fitting shopping in between our grandson's visits...! So even though the date of the posting will say the 15th of February, Terri's real birthday, it's really not. I'm late...for a very important and special date! This rabbit apologizes with heartfelt sincerity...!

Terri, I hope your day was filled with sunshine and fun. I know you will be extending it this week, again, as business is dividing it into before and after. So Happy Birthday Day and week, may it be filled with sunshine and love...just like you fill our days with the same!

Happy Happy Day and Loves~Loves~Loves

Monday, February 14, 2011


I think this will always be a very special holiday for me. I was one of five girls in our family and of course our younger and youngest in the family brother, Bill. Daddy loved Valentines Day. He would write poems for each of us...usually funny and corny, but very clever and tongue in cheek. Sometimes he would have written them on looseleaf paper. Every now and then we would get treated to construction paper and doily Valentines. I don't ever remember getting a store bought card from my Dad but I suppose in later years I must have. The ones that really have stayed in my mind are the ones he made. Along with the hand written poems and valentines would be a box of Whitman's Sampler candy. Most often the little small size, but every now and then he'd splurge and go big! It was always a very special evening full of love and laughter.
I've done my best to pass my Valentine fever on to my children. I hope they 'get' it. I know they are five of the best valentines in my life! Perhaps they will get some of their Grandfather and their Mother's love of the holiday. For them, I hope so! 

My husband knows how much I love this day and usually surprises me with some thing to make me smile. One Valentines Day we actually just happened upon each other in the card aisle of the grocery store. It was without a doubt an 'accidental meeting'! So we each picked out the card we wanted to give each other and right there in the middle of the card aisle, exchanged, literally...valentines. I read his to me and he read mine to him. We then exchanged a kiss and put our cards back in their appointed slots. It was one of the most romantic and sweet memories I have! An unexpected love fest in the grocery...I'm hoping we meet there again sometime soon. Won't be this year as I'm babysitting an under the weather grandchild and won't be venturing far from the homefront. 

But honey, sometime, somewhere, someone...might come up to you in a grocery card aisle near you and say, 'Smile you're my Valentine!'
Hope you all have a very memorable Valentines...just being loving and loved by those you care about...

Happy Valentines Day and of all days this is so very important...


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Split Personality

Okay, I'll admit the posting title is probably a bit of a stretch for the content of this posting. My 'personality split' is, I have finally broken down and joined in the Facebook craze. I'm still not sure how much I like it. It feels a lot like tweeting. I'm sure there is a great market for that form of communication. I just don't want to be a part of tweeting. Or spurts of personal information. Just. Like. That. 

Posting thoughts and reactions for comments on Facebook seem to be given in rapid response time. I admit I like to give time and consideration to my words, often editing and rewriting until I feel I have been precise in my emotions whether thoughts I've pondered or of the moment.

Facebook has allowed me to find cousins I was hoping to connect with. That in and of itself was a golden key. I have found friends from my youth and been able to see pictures of their children and grandchildren. Again, per Martha Stewart, 'A Good Thing'.

I just get so weirded out by the idea of Facebook. Why I get weirded out by FB and not writing a blog I haven't deciphered for myself as of yet. I know I relish the writing of my ideas, meanderings of thoughts and life experiences provided in the blogging forum. 

Well enough already, I'm still on the fence with Facebook. I will continue to post and share feelings, happiness, sadness, joy, etc right here with anyone and everyone. But whatever I say and wherever I say it, I will still strive to, 'First Do No Harm'.