Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out of Order...

It's always a surprise to me when February starts out slow and then it picks up speed the day after Valentines and keeps on going! I now have three of my beautiful daughters (by the excellent taste of my sons) having birthdays in February.

 February 15th is Terri's birthday...a birthday that usually gets celebrated for a least a week. We love those birthdays that just keep on giving...sort of like the birthday girl herself!

I am taking a new approach to birthdays for my blogging world. I am going to make them shorter, but I hope very sweet.  Again, like this birthday daughter. (Well not short, but definitely sweet). Our delightful wife to our first born son, and Mother of our first two grandsons! 

I am a little late in putting this birthday posting together. I hope I will be forgiven as on the birthday girl's 'real' birthday, and the day before I was very active in my role as 'Grandmother' for the oldest son of our birthday girl. Trey was not feeling well and we spent the day before and the day of Terri's birthday relaxing and trying to get Trey on the mend. I do feel rather proud of myself I was able to get Terri's present to her on time, no small feat fitting shopping in between our grandson's visits...! So even though the date of the posting will say the 15th of February, Terri's real birthday, it's really not. I'm late...for a very important and special date! This rabbit apologizes with heartfelt sincerity...!

Terri, I hope your day was filled with sunshine and fun. I know you will be extending it this week, again, as business is dividing it into before and after. So Happy Birthday Day and week, may it be filled with sunshine and love...just like you fill our days with the same!

Happy Happy Day and Loves~Loves~Loves

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