Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Split Personality

Okay, I'll admit the posting title is probably a bit of a stretch for the content of this posting. My 'personality split' is, I have finally broken down and joined in the Facebook craze. I'm still not sure how much I like it. It feels a lot like tweeting. I'm sure there is a great market for that form of communication. I just don't want to be a part of tweeting. Or spurts of personal information. Just. Like. That. 

Posting thoughts and reactions for comments on Facebook seem to be given in rapid response time. I admit I like to give time and consideration to my words, often editing and rewriting until I feel I have been precise in my emotions whether thoughts I've pondered or of the moment.

Facebook has allowed me to find cousins I was hoping to connect with. That in and of itself was a golden key. I have found friends from my youth and been able to see pictures of their children and grandchildren. Again, per Martha Stewart, 'A Good Thing'.

I just get so weirded out by the idea of Facebook. Why I get weirded out by FB and not writing a blog I haven't deciphered for myself as of yet. I know I relish the writing of my ideas, meanderings of thoughts and life experiences provided in the blogging forum. 

Well enough already, I'm still on the fence with Facebook. I will continue to post and share feelings, happiness, sadness, joy, etc right here with anyone and everyone. But whatever I say and wherever I say it, I will still strive to, 'First Do No Harm'.


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