Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two For One!

Yep, it's a two-fer...two birthdays on the same day! Going in birth order...today is my nephew Michael's birthday and it is my niece Maggie's birthday. Not born to the same sibling...Michael is my sister Patsy's son and Maggie is my sister Aimee's daughter. Kinda neat sharing your birthday with a cousin, I think! In the picture below Michael is perusing the buffet for his grandmother's seventieth birthday. We love birthdays in this family!
Patsy and her family and me and my family shared a day trip to D.C., Michael is the super star with the shades on!
Michael is married and living in the mid-west or what I often think of as the sub-zero, frigid portion of the USA. I'm hoping one day that he and his, may I add here...Southern born wife, return to the land of milk and honey and warmth! Between Julie's dancing talents...and I mean one beautiful and beautifully talented young lady, and my handsome and equally talented nephew...they are one power couple on the move! 

When last I was visited by Michael he turned a very boring platter of food into an exceptionally appealing and enticingly arranged platter of food. He was working on his college major...Hospitality Management! I very much appreciated his talents! 
Happy Birthday, Michael!

And now Ms Maggie! 
As you can see from the above photograph, Maggie is our shy and retiring niece....NOT! Maggie is a bundle of fun and joy! She lives life to the fullest by all that I've heard of late. She has a sense of humor...as pictured above, and a tender, loving heart...
Maggie could make her grandparents light up like a Christmas tree whenever she walked in the room! However our little Maggie, like all sweet little girls is almost all grown up. Sigh, they grow up too fast! In the picture below, Maggie is the little sweet gazing tow headed toddler on the left and Michael is the grinning young man on the right! How time flies when we are having fun!
Maggie is in high school now, how did that happen? I hear from my sister, Mags is very involved in school and I'm sure bringing joy to all she knows! Sweet little Maggie...all grown up...that's Maggie on the far right! Stunningly beautiful!
But she still has mischief in her eyes!
Happy Birthday Maggie!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Make Someone Happy...

It is lovely to see the happiness that Lisa and Tim bring to one another. Yesterday, (yes, I did call first), I dropped in for a quick visit. Their love and happiness  for each other permeated the very air. Lily was napping and her parents were enjoying a lovely Saturday. Although it was actually the day before their anniversary that I was visiting, the lovebirds did have plans to celebrate the special occasion. It warms my heart to see the two so invested in making each other happy. Later when Lily awoke from her nap it was a delight to see how much happiness they both derived from encompassing Lily in their love. It is such a complete family they are building together, quite lovely to behold!

I do love the words from the song, Make Someone Happy, I used in the posting title. It's no accident I used them here. I chose that song for my 'Mother/Son' dance at their wedding. My Dad used to sing it to me...and I find it a very insightful and lovely way to go through your married days. When I am around the lovebirds, it's pretty obvious they are both striving to make each other happy. How blessed they are. How blessed I am.

Make Someone Happy,
Just  One Someone Happy,
And You Will Be Happy, Too

Happy Anniversary~


Friday, March 18, 2011

Ma Mere...

Life's not the breaths you take...it's the moments that take your breathe away...
I found myself thinking of those George Strait lyrics as I was planning this posting.  Something that happens to me when I peruse my photographs looking for pictures to use...I often do have my breath taken away. Sometimes it's a hitch in my throat and tears filling my eyes. Sometimes it's a smile and warmth in my heart as happy memories come flooding in. Either way, Mom was always a woman that could take my breath away. 

She gave us 'family' and the importance it holds in our lives. She made sure we all knew how important it is to 'show up' when the going gets rough not just for the fun part of life. Any family member in her household that can go anywhere and not think, "Be useful as well as decorative, dear..." I'd be amazed. I do hope that tapes plays in the hearts and minds of my own children and grandchildren.

Oh, this day comes around once every year. I am beginning to wonder if it is the day or  putting together a posting in memory of Mom that is so poignant. Probably both; I feel compelled to honor Mom and the day is sadly a part of me that seems to go unforgotten. So family, in no particular order, here are a few pictures that took my breath away today. Some are repeats, some are probably going to make you cry. Either way, remember her love for us all...she did always 'show up' and loved each and every one of us to her very best!

Oh Mom...if only...one more day, to take our breath away. Love you for always...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12, 1897

So I did some research on the internet...yes I am a digger. And I found the birth record for my paternal grandmother. She was born the date of this posting title...which means she would be 114 years old if she were alive today. Wow! I think of all the changes she saw in her lifetime and wonder what she would say about the changes there are today. Knowing her like I did, I think she would have embraced every new thing. She lived life to its fullness and loved to explore new ideas. I like to think she would have enjoyed this blog of mine and taken pleasure in reading my writings and approved of my recording of some family history.
Last years tribute to my grandmother tells much of her life story. If you would like to read it...or perhaps re-read it you can find it here*. Below is a photograph of her Mother's family home on Esplanade Avenue. The photo is not taken when she lived there...pretty obvious from scene surrounding the home. This is the house where they had to move the family parrot to the back yard of the house instead of letting it sit on the front porch. It would whistle to the conductor of the Esplanade Avenue streetcar to stop. Sadly, the conductor eventually tired of being hailed by the family parrot!
So, 'Happy Birthday in Heaven' Grams, as my sister Lee likes to say. We love you, we miss you and 'I'll see you when I see you'. Tell Daddy we send our love!
One thing I just remembered and it made me smile. Grams never really said 'Goodbye' at the end of a telephone conversation. She waited for me to say goodbye and then she just hung up the phone. I always would chuckle afterwards. 


Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Memories

I just love when my children...adult as they are...come home to celebrate birthdays. It serves so many delightful purposes. Keeps family ties and bonds strong; imparts a wonderful sense of family to the next generation, (grandkids); gives a boost in the testosterone level in our household that my husband misses when his sons are gone; gives Elise and I added estrogen levels with added females in the house, (gotta keep things equal ya know); and last but not least makes this Momma very happy to have chicks home to roost, if oh too briefly. Here in my own pictorial review are some highlights of Scott's birthday weekend...
Magic Carpet rides with Aunt Erin...how exciting can it get? Fun, fun, Fun!
I think something is luring Lily off the magic carpet...since Zeus and Zoey weren't present, I can't imagine what it was???
So, Uncle Scott...what did that card from Uncle Dan and Aunt Laura say again...something about this squirrel named Scooter? Hmmm....???
I do believe the old axiom of kids enjoying the wrapping more than the presents might still ring true...You wear the bow, Peter...
Okay...Hot Potato...who gets the bow next? What do you think Peter...who can you pass it to? Hmmm...let's see...thinking, looking, thinking...
I don't think Brinny will wear it...how about...??? Yesss, let's get Lily to wear it!
Yes, little brother...we are buddies forEVER!!!
But where did Lily go? Oh I think I know...Lisa and I heard someone calling to us while we were chatting in the kitchen. It went something like this...'Oh Mommy...Oh Mommy..'
But at first we didn't realize there was a purpose behind the words, and they got louder...
And then it got really loud and realllllyy insistent....OH MOMMY OH MOMMY OH MOMMYOHMOMMYYYYYYY
And then Lily felt the love...just who she wanted in her sights! MOMMY!!!
Then hugs were passed around the kitchen though they were not captured on film...but I promise we had snuggles and kisses and then Lily was ready to go in search for her cousins again! I wonder what they were up to? What else can be done with a magic carpet? Hmmm???? Hi guys, what's up?
What's under the magic carpet blanket Peter? Do you have something special under there?
Of course...it's something you are hardly ever without...CARS!
Now, I wonder who else wants to see what is under there and join in on the fun...??? Oh I know who...and that somebody took off her...shoe! Hey Lil' can you hear the ocean?
How many things can you do with that shoe, Lily? Yes that shoe!
Ahh, I see it's bait and switch...you got something of Peter's there Lily? How did that blue car get from Peter's hand to yours?
Yessss...umm hmmm that blue car!
Oh, Peter was just in a sweet sharing mood? And Trey, I think I see some toes peeking out to be tickled? Oh okay, I'll get them another time! 
So what's next with the shoe, Lil?
Is that where you want it to go? Well??? I dunno...but what ever you do...remember what they always say, "wait for the other shoe to..."
Okay, wait for it...no not on your head...I think we have some funny monkeys, funny bunnies,
Yes, Lily...'wait for the other shoe to DROP...oh and you did it! Funny bunny!
So now let's see we have Uncle Scott's made to order red beans and rice dinner, and some play time and rides on magic carpets. We opened presents and played some more...what else is there? Oh YESSSS Birthday Cake of course...!
Make a wish Mr Birthday Boy!
So now I think that about covers our wonderful birthday pictorial review for Scott's birthday. We had lots of fun, and singing and what was that we said before we ate red beans and rice? Hmm, let me try and remember...Oh yes, that's right Lily! What family time is all about...

...and Lily, wear it with pride and joy!