Sunday, March 20, 2011

Make Someone Happy...

It is lovely to see the happiness that Lisa and Tim bring to one another. Yesterday, (yes, I did call first), I dropped in for a quick visit. Their love and happiness  for each other permeated the very air. Lily was napping and her parents were enjoying a lovely Saturday. Although it was actually the day before their anniversary that I was visiting, the lovebirds did have plans to celebrate the special occasion. It warms my heart to see the two so invested in making each other happy. Later when Lily awoke from her nap it was a delight to see how much happiness they both derived from encompassing Lily in their love. It is such a complete family they are building together, quite lovely to behold!

I do love the words from the song, Make Someone Happy, I used in the posting title. It's no accident I used them here. I chose that song for my 'Mother/Son' dance at their wedding. My Dad used to sing it to me...and I find it a very insightful and lovely way to go through your married days. When I am around the lovebirds, it's pretty obvious they are both striving to make each other happy. How blessed they are. How blessed I am.

Make Someone Happy,
Just  One Someone Happy,
And You Will Be Happy, Too

Happy Anniversary~


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lisa said...

Thank you for the sweet post. I don't know that I have ever paid much attention to the third line of the chorus, which is probably the most important part.

Hard to believe we've gotten 7 years on the books!