Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12, 1897

So I did some research on the internet...yes I am a digger. And I found the birth record for my paternal grandmother. She was born the date of this posting title...which means she would be 114 years old if she were alive today. Wow! I think of all the changes she saw in her lifetime and wonder what she would say about the changes there are today. Knowing her like I did, I think she would have embraced every new thing. She lived life to its fullness and loved to explore new ideas. I like to think she would have enjoyed this blog of mine and taken pleasure in reading my writings and approved of my recording of some family history.
Last years tribute to my grandmother tells much of her life story. If you would like to read it...or perhaps re-read it you can find it here*. Below is a photograph of her Mother's family home on Esplanade Avenue. The photo is not taken when she lived there...pretty obvious from scene surrounding the home. This is the house where they had to move the family parrot to the back yard of the house instead of letting it sit on the front porch. It would whistle to the conductor of the Esplanade Avenue streetcar to stop. Sadly, the conductor eventually tired of being hailed by the family parrot!
So, 'Happy Birthday in Heaven' Grams, as my sister Lee likes to say. We love you, we miss you and 'I'll see you when I see you'. Tell Daddy we send our love!
One thing I just remembered and it made me smile. Grams never really said 'Goodbye' at the end of a telephone conversation. She waited for me to say goodbye and then she just hung up the phone. I always would chuckle afterwards. 


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