Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Favorite Blog...The List Keeps Growing!

I have stumbled upon a new blog written by shall I say a gentleman of 'seasoned living'? Yep, I think that is how we AARP qualified people of a certain age might like to think of ourselves! It is one written about healthful's my story of how I found it.

I was reading a young Mom's blog, one I had been led to from another blog. It is funny how you can start a chain of blog reading...but I digress. I found this blog on the suggestion of the author's daughter. The Dad writes of how to age gracefully in this world with postings of diet, exercise, etc. It is very well written and not all in your face. Although the author is Mormon so far that is not the point of the blog.

Explore...let me know if you enjoy it...or not. I have found it a wealth of information and enjoyable reading.

You can find my new favorite blog here:  

His daughter's blog is quite good reading in its own right. Her idea for tracing children's hand on the inside of their favorite books is a touching idea...a neat way to create a keepsake! I found it on another blog I read, she was a guest writer for that blog.  Here is the posting in the daughter's blog: 
To find her idea of tracing hands in books...go here:

Happy reading!



Skip H. said...

Sush, thanks for your mention of Glad you liked my daughter's blog also. I should mention that because my Mom is still hale and hearty, starting her 90s, no one thinks I'm all that "seasoned". Best to you, and your way-above-average grandchildren. Skip

Sush said...

>Skip, Ahhh sounds like your Mom has lots of wordsofwisdom she shared with You!
I really do appreciate your informative blog! I'll keep reading...