Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two For One!

Yep, it's a two-fer...two birthdays on the same day! Going in birth order...today is my nephew Michael's birthday and it is my niece Maggie's birthday. Not born to the same sibling...Michael is my sister Patsy's son and Maggie is my sister Aimee's daughter. Kinda neat sharing your birthday with a cousin, I think! In the picture below Michael is perusing the buffet for his grandmother's seventieth birthday. We love birthdays in this family!
Patsy and her family and me and my family shared a day trip to D.C., Michael is the super star with the shades on!
Michael is married and living in the mid-west or what I often think of as the sub-zero, frigid portion of the USA. I'm hoping one day that he and his, may I add here...Southern born wife, return to the land of milk and honey and warmth! Between Julie's dancing talents...and I mean one beautiful and beautifully talented young lady, and my handsome and equally talented nephew...they are one power couple on the move! 

When last I was visited by Michael he turned a very boring platter of food into an exceptionally appealing and enticingly arranged platter of food. He was working on his college major...Hospitality Management! I very much appreciated his talents! 
Happy Birthday, Michael!

And now Ms Maggie! 
As you can see from the above photograph, Maggie is our shy and retiring niece....NOT! Maggie is a bundle of fun and joy! She lives life to the fullest by all that I've heard of late. She has a sense of humor...as pictured above, and a tender, loving heart...
Maggie could make her grandparents light up like a Christmas tree whenever she walked in the room! However our little Maggie, like all sweet little girls is almost all grown up. Sigh, they grow up too fast! In the picture below, Maggie is the little sweet gazing tow headed toddler on the left and Michael is the grinning young man on the right! How time flies when we are having fun!
Maggie is in high school now, how did that happen? I hear from my sister, Mags is very involved in school and I'm sure bringing joy to all she knows! Sweet little Maggie...all grown up...that's Maggie on the far right! Stunningly beautiful!
But she still has mischief in her eyes!
Happy Birthday Maggie!


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