Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bragging Rights

Oh I know, I KNOW, okay? It is rude, boring and just dweeb-ish to be bragging on your own kids. Too bad, so sad. Yes, very mature and your point? This is mine...

Yesterday, my daughter Elise finally arrived to a destination she has had her heart set on for nearly a year. Having graduated college and entered the work force she is now a proud and independent lessee. Mommy and Daddy are not aiding and abetting this endeavor. Elise is footing this bill on her own. To achieve this goal required a lot of help. Not financial but PHYSICAL. As in moving belongings and possessions accrued over many years from point A (parents home) to point B (Elise's townhouse). Solution to said problem? It's a solution Elise has found helpful ALL of her life. It goes like this:

OH BOYS! Yes, I just love it. When Elise was verrrrrrryyyyy little she would stand at the top of the stairs to the family room and call down to her brothers for assistance in negotiating the stairs. Her sweet little voice would call out, her arms stretched wide and in dulcet tones everyone would hear...OH BOYS! And the lovely point of this story is they would all respond and come to her rescue, climbing up the stairs and whisking her into loving arms that carried her downstairs.
What does a sister all grown up and in need of strong able bodied movers do? Of course...text, call and otherwise revert to the tried and true: OH BOYS? And this is where I brag. Those not otherwise engaged, ok Dan, we do understand when you have wedding commitments, arrived on my doorstep to help their sister move. Scott and Erin travelled from the D. C. area; Tim donated his time even though he had been away from his wife and child on business for several days; Steve Jr, came after running a 10 mile race. A whole lot of shoving, lifting, carrying from point A to point B was done on Elise's behalf and with humor and love. 

The response was not limited to brothers. Her sisters by marriage, Erin who did yeoman's job of moving right along with the 'Boys' and Lisa, who along with Tim and Lily brought over a well loved pass along patio set for Elise. Always her hero, Elise's Dad carried, lifted and was moving and shaking with the youngsters of the family.

Bragging rights...we always told them they are the best of the best. You can read another post that reiterates this point here...*! If I bored you with this! I am thrilled to my very old bones to know that no matter how old they grow and how far they travel, my children will respond to one another's needs. Elise has done her share of lifting, moving and responding to her brothers calls for family assistance.

Thank you boys, I love you always and forever!
Elise...happy homemaking, you're off to a great beginning!



Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

I say it's your blog so brag away!!!

Sush said...

Hi Kimberly...thanks for the comment...feel free to follow and comment, I'd love it!