Friday, April 29, 2011

An English Rose

Oh well not really an English Rose, but in honor of the Wedding of Kate and Wills I found the title fitting. I must say Knockout Roses are the greatest rose in my garden. Monday, Steve and I visited the Farmers Market here in town to peruse the plant selection. It was a plethora of flowers, ferns and all things beautiful! We/I fell in love with this double knockout pink rose and brought it home. But sadly it looked so alone. Not wanting to have a lonely, lonely rose feel like a 'wall flower'...(she says tongue in cheek) as soon as time and weather permitted I went back and purchased two new 'friends'!
Trey was my companion for that trip and he picked out some plants of his own. I love nurturing 'growing things' in my children and now grandchildren. His first choice was a cactus, but as he has a younger brother and no parents were around for permission to be granted on anything prickly he moved on to a different but lovely selection. He chose a creeping Jenny for himself and then a six pack of yellow snapdragons for his Mom and other Grandmother. He was leaving later that afternoon for a journey to his Gramma Kate's place at the beach and wanted to bring her a thank you gift for letting him stay there. How can anyone resist such a sweet and thoughtful request? Not I! So the two new roses kept company with the yellow snaps and a creeping jenny for the ride home. Later that afternoon Peter and Dad and Mom arrived, gathering Trey and the snaps and creeps and headed out to the beach!
I do think I forgot to mention Steve and I on our excursion to the Farmer's Market had purchased several creeping jennies to add to our planters and two hanging baskets of wandering jew. All in all a very happy start to the growing season! The pink knockouts are planted on the sunny side of the house in a new bed Steve made last summer. They will balance out nicely the red knockout roses on the other side of the house. I love Spring and all the feeling of possibility it evokes!

Happy Spring...may you find your own version of an English Rose to make you smile! Here's mine...
'cept she answers to Lily!



kate said...

Thanks Susie for helping Trey pick out the snapdragons. I had a pot that I had just cleaned out to put some new flowers in when Trey arrived with his flowers. We planted them and they look so nice on the deck. He was so proud! What a sweetie!
PS We had a great time at the beach with the family.

Sush said...

>Kate...I'm so glad they weathered the trip, and it was a joy watching our tenderhearted grandson carefully choosing and thinking of a 'thank you' gift for his 'Gramma Kate'. Surely we are blessed, and I know it had to be a grand time...they were ALL so excited to be heading your way!