Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funny Bunnies

I love Easter and all the decorations involved! I like to change things up, as to what I use where and sort of 're-purpose' as the latest term goes. Hope you enjoy my Easter/Spring ta-daas and Happy Easter to one and all!

I have been asked by more than one child...old and young if these guys are edible:
                                                                            Nary a One...
Just 'cause I like the wee little things...
And by now the secret is out...I LOVE decorating the new mantel and built-ins!

And I can't wait for these chickees to meet...
These chickees:

Lily...you coming?
Oh! I see you got the memo...I'll be waiting...!


Laura Hoffman said...

Love, love, love your bunnies!!! Happy Easter! Love you :)

Sush said...

Love you back...miss you and have a wonderful and Happy Easter! xoxo