Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gene-O Father and Son

I am going to give YOU, my dear readers, another Two-fer! Hold on to your eyeballs this one is a Father and Son posting. I knew it was my nephew's birthday in March, that is Gene IV, but as it seems to so often happen of late, it slipped what is my sad excuse these days of a mind busy fact-filled brain. Then this past weekend I was preparing a birthday posting for my lovable brother-in-law...Gene III and it all came crashing back into my sad excuse of a brain  busy fact-filled brain, YOU MISSED THE POSTING FOR LITTLE GENE...that would be Gene, IV. To make this an even sadder tale, I then closed the computer thinking I would dash into my photo library and scan some more pictures to use in a Father/Son birthday posting. 

I feel it necessary at this point to explain some titles our family bandies about with great ease if and with probably great confusion for people outside the extended family unit. We have generations of family names in use. My brother-in-law is Gene, III; for years, even though his Dad was Gene, Jr., Gene III was called Junior. Don't ask...! His son, Gene IV was referred to and still in most of our minds and hearts is, as 'little Gene'. His son, Gene V is referred to as 'baby Gene'. Not to confuse the issue we have Steve Jr., who for years, was called 'little Steve'  and his son Stephen, III or Trey, and we have Sam III, and Sam IV or baby Sam. Yep...can get confusing to the outsider when roll call is issued! But on with the show...

Sadly, I admit to you, my dear readers...my photo library consists of several drawers in a dresser and several boxes of more photos...none categorized or identified, placed randomly around my home. Oh, I do have several albums. The only ones that have any order and organization would be wedding albums. So like the Scarlett O'Hara that I am, I delayed writing this post. I delayed searching for photos. Until tonight. I decided you all NEEDED to have this posting delivered...wait for it: post haste, and I NEEDED to just use the photos available. So forgive the fact that my photos of Gene IV are a few decades ancient. I do have some fairly recent photos of his Dad, my brother-in-law. No matter the age of my photographs, they are really two wonderful men, who capture a large portion of my heart!

This first photo is of the wonder duo when Gene IV was a wunderkind and his Dad, Gene III was a budding Doctor!
Next photo op...is my sweet nephew taking aim at me posing for a Mardi Gras snapshot! Gene would have been all of four or not quite four, depending on when Mardi Gras was that year!
Funny, but I think he had this same expression on his face the last time I gave him a kiss hello!
Now bubba Gene was thoughtful enough to give us the honor of serving as our son Tim's godfather. 
Gene is one of our family member that takes his role as older brother very seriously. He has come to every one of our son's weddings. From the first wedding...
to the last...
So Happy Birthday to our two Eugenes...and while this birthday posting is belated it is very sincere and heartfelt... 

Now, if you will excuse me for a while...I'll be rummaging through my scattered photos organized collection of photographs for recent pictures of my two Eugenes!

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