Friday, April 8, 2011

Kimberly...April's beauty

One of the things I regret about living here in N Cackalacky is we are far far far from most of our relatives. That would be sisters/brothers/nieces/nephews and the greats that come with them...This said, I grew up with one set of grandparents living out of state along with my aunts/uncles/cousins. It didn't alter my immediate affinity I felt when we would finally get to see each other or my ongoing love and interest for them. It doesn't alter my affinity for the generations after me...!
I have had the pleasure and joy of watching Kimberly grow from a sweet and happy little girl, through stolen moments when we would be able to get holiday, summer or reunion visits in, and through photographs and stories sent to us by her parents and grandparents. What always has shown through in her presence and in her pictures is how loving and sincere and fun she is! Lately, I've been able to visit with this wonderful niece at family weddings. Sadly, at some funerals, too. Whatever the occasion, once again her loving personality and her sheer beauty are front and center. Kimberly is always one to ask if anyone needs any help and to simply be a warm, comforting companion for everyone!

Kimberly is now a young professional. After completing her Masters she is beginning her career  and bringing to the work force all the strengths and characteristics we all appreciate and love. I haven't been blessed with enough face time with my lovely niece. I don't think I would ever be satisfied unless we were living in the same city. I am however so much in awe of how beautiful and talented she is and so happy to be able to witness, if even from afar what the next chapters of Kimberly's life bring to us all!
Happy Birthday sweet niece...I love you, I miss you...come see us soon!



Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Hi there! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your sweet comment the other day. Nothing makes me happier than to know who my readers are any why they enjoy my blog. I sure appreciate any time you spend reading what I have to say, even though it's silly sometimes!

Have a nice weekend! :)

Sush said...

> really do have an wonderful blog...very inviting! Look forward to your postings!